Statement Regarding BANCDMMS

Statement Regarding BANCDMMS

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Dear all.
For the last 15 months I have been part of a worldwide campaign trying to ban abusive and unregulated Autism ‘Treatments ‘
We have had huge exposure worldwide on this awful issue and in some parts of the world we have seen convictions of those selling MMS and in Ireland criminal investigations have begun into parents using MMS on their Autistic children and also into those selling MMS.
We have seen Kerri Rivera banned from holding conferences and peddling her abusive ‘Treatments ‘ in Illinois Chicago.
We have educated thousands on this issue and brought the authorities to task with ongoing investigations into some of the biggest peddlers of MMS and GcMAF worldwide.
This has only happened because of the commitment and passion that has gone into this campaign and the many people that have put in hours of their time voluntarily to help us end the abuse of Autistic people.
However behind the scenes we have had some serious problems of late.
Events have unfolded which have threatened many aspects of our campaign.
Therefore after long discussions with my colleagues, including Emma Dalmayne , we have decided to disassociate ourselves from the BanCD/MMS Website and all Social Media groups connected to it.
This is not a decision we have come to lightly, however we feel this is the best way forward.
We are presently working on an alternative solution and will be updating everyone with new information soon.
We thank you for your support and our campaign will continue as strong as before !
We will fight until justice prevails!
Many thanks Fiona O’Leary.

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