Autism Advocacy? It’s what we do.

Autism Advocacy? It’s what we do.

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I decided today to write a list, an explanation if you will on what it means and entails to do what we do.
By we I mean myself and fellow colleague and advocate Fiona Oleary.
It means getting up after having three hours sleep and checking your emails, praying that a media or government body has answered or at least looked at one.
student-849825_1280Emails that you spent time once again explaining what exactly GcMAF is or the make up of MMS ( sodium chlorite 28% and citric acid to activate, makes chlorine dioxide).
It’s having to put in links that explain again what those things are even though you just told them. After all they may not believe you,  we are not professionals and have not got the required letters after our name that should allow us to speak out publicly on health and complex chemical formulas.
But we do.
We do because in the public eye there is no one else that do what we do.
We then make our children breakfast, put a wash on then pick the phone up and begin the rounds of calling newspapers, TV stations and politicians.
We attach pictures of children.
These children we love as our own and fight desperately to help, they are the children that are their parents nightmare.
They are autistics.
The screenshots we attach and are forced to look at repeatedly are of the injuries inflicted upon them by their parents and caregivers.
Side affects from being given potent and dangerous quack treatments in a bid to cure them of something that is not an illness, sickness nor a disease but part of their very neurological make up.
We tell our own children to hush now, we are on the phone.
We beg people to listen to us, to care about the children, innocent victims and cogs in a money making machine.
Sometimes we get lucky and a newspaper follows up giving much needed exposure and raising public awareness about these abusive treatments.
More often we are told that there’s no interest, that if we hear of a case study where a parent will speak out on using this then to contact them.
We know it will unfortunately and tragically take a child’s death to make the government move on a legislation to make it illegal to use these snake oil treatments on your child.
And even then they may hesitate.
We know to make this happen we need to make them care, to stop passing the buck to MHRA and the FDA.
We don’t have support or backing from prominent charities or autism agencies neither are we paid for the work we do.
After a day of therapies, school work and making dinner we settle back down to writing emails, articles to highlight and educate a further audience on these devastating invasions of privacy, physical and psychological abuse and yes sexual torture.
It is quite simply rape, (see here) anal penetration on children as young as 10 months old to rid them of mythical parasites which when they emerge are strands of the child’s bowel lining. 
binary-715831_1280We fight desperately hard to stop this with excellent help from others who do not wish to be known publicly.
Other parents and autistics might I add, not agencies, charities or big Pharma.
We do not get paid we do not profit from the work we do, we are two mothers with 11 children between us some of whom are autistic.
We to are both autistic, we have Asperger’s syndrome.
This makes it hard for us to communicate with ease and the anxiety that builds to do interviews, TV appearances and speak to politicians can cripple us mentally.
We are abused, trolled and threatened on social media, called media whores and Pharma shills and most recently Fiona was called an assassin, accuse of having blood on her hands and we were both questioned as to whether we are reptilian in origin.
This should I hope show you what our daily lives are like. We stay up till the early hours working, and unable to sleep as we check on our children, grateful they were born to us and still mind blown anyone could inflict such pain and suffering on their innocents.
We need help.
We need more people to contact their media and their government.
To date we have done well but there is still so much to do.
Kerri Rivera’s website is still up and her book is still being sold, Amanda Mary still revels in the riches that have come from her GcMAF as does David Noakes.
Leonardo Edwards website has flourished despite him appearing on the BBC for the second time selling MMS.
Jim Humble has not yet decided to board his spaceship and leave earth even though he has amassed a five hundred million pound fortune from his self created Genesis Two Church.
Much more to do yet offers of help are scant.
I would like to thank Heather Beattie, Richard Johnson and William Tarquin-Scott Jackson for the help and dedication they show everyday.
To others I will not name we have not overlooked you, we simply have not named you for your own privacy.
As Fiona just said after reading this:
“ We are under attack. Because we say NO. No to abuse, trauma and exploitation”.
So please join us in saying no?

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