From One Mother to Another

From One Mother to Another

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From one mother to another.

I understand in a way what you think you are trying to do.
You believe you are healing your child and saving them
You have heard the words “Autistic Spectrum Disorder” and like us all you paniced.
You wanted to help make life easier and more bearable for your child, you looked into therapies, vitamins and diets. You heard about Biomedials , and then you stumbled upon a book that you believed held all the answers.
A book by one Kerri Rivera, a woman who you could relate to.
This by the way is where my understanding of you dies completely.
Kerri has a son she says is on the Autistic a Spectrum and she claims to have ‘recovered’ him. As if he was somehow lost.
She claims in her book enticingly to you called Healing the symptoms known as Autism that you to can heal your child.
From what I ask?
There is no injury or disease to heal from.
This book recommends using  Chlorine Dioxide water purification , used to cleanse swimming pools and bleach wood pulp. It recommends putting this into enemas and into water to drink ,the reason? To kill and remove the parasitic rope worms causing your child’s autism of course! Never mind that there’s no proof that these worms even exist or that it’s proven that the strands of tissue you have by now seen in photos are human DNA.
You start the protocol.
During the duration of building up the strength of the drops and urging your child to bear down after you’ve greased them up to penetrate them you notice they are becoming ill. They seem to be in pain holding their stomachs and crying.
Why didn’t you stop then?
They are now passing long thick strands of tissue, blood attached and screaming is  mandatory.
Why haven’t you stopped yet?
There’s sores breaking out on your child’s arms, they are quiet and subdued,no longer flapping and laughing.
Are you now satisfied?
If you took your child to hospital and they were to see your child in this state they would be removed from your care.  I say care as I do believe in a strange way that you do care. But you have lost sight of what it is you care about.
Your child’s bleeding, parts of their insides are coming away.
But that’s ok?
Would you rather have a dead child or a child with autism?
Because your child has autism.
The way their brain works is different and they will seek stimulation for their heightened senses in ways which to you may be embarrassing.
I urge you as a mother of autistic children, loved and accepted autistic children to stop .
Stop now before your child’s heart stops beating.
If you can’t love your child with autism put them in care for there are people who,will,adore your child, autism and all.

But you won’t accept that will you? You are an Autism Warrior right? But at what price?
Your child’s slowly dying and your to far gone to see it.

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