Mother’s Day: To You Little One

Mother’s Day: To You Little One

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We are here.
Today in England it’s Mothers Day.
We look in pride at our children , still aghast we produced such perfect little people with such verve and lust for life. I look at my spectrum babies and celebrate their neurodiversity with every breath I have. Do I wish they were different in any way ? No. I do wish things like adversity and prejudice did not exist against them, however.
But somewhere there’s a mother who’s woken up heavy hearted, and put her slippers on and padded I to the kitchen to prepare an oral solution of Chlorine Dioxide to wake her spectrum child up with. So this article isn’t aimed at those mothers.
It’s aimed at their children.
To you little one, You are special . Your very self lies in moonbeams and rainbows, and when you sleep you dream of a forever world where you can fly among the stars and dive in the ocean like a fish. You are incredible as you wake up to battle sights , smells and noises that assault you to the core.
My darlings I want you to know that everyday I wake up I think of you. I cry for you as your mothers don’t understand what it is to be us. We are part of a tribe, a community of painters, musicians, story writers and dreamers of dreams. Whether you speak with voice or communicate in other ways I know you have things to say, dreams ambitions and wonderful stories to tell.
We will fight for you, we will always be here and I hope if you live till adulthood you are able to come find us. We will look for you, we are trying so hard to save you ! Please believe that.
If I could have you I would  we all would and we would love you. We would cherish you and show you that you are nothing but perfect untainted and so so very brave.
We are you.

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