No cure needed, no disease here.

No cure needed, no disease here.

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We seem to be besieged with well meaning Autism Speaks misinformed types hammering on at us about the newest type of cure that’s out.
Despair and urgency to see your child as broken and in desperate need of fixing seems to be the dish of the day with these people.
Most worryingly is the Miracle Mineral Solution “cure” which is Chlorine Dioxide water purification given to autistic children and indeed some adults in enema form and orally.
I believe parents are brainwashed from fear to the extent that they will try anything researching Chelation . HBOT  and GMCAF like they have medical diplomas and know what they are looking for! Even more disgusting is that clinics have jumped on the bandwagon putting on their websites that they can cure Autism and ADHD , charging extortionate amounts for treatments that are harmful and have no proof of doing anything apart from harm.
To these parents we say STOP!!
There is no cure,as your child is not ill nor diseased.
Your child needs acceptance, they need encouragement and understanding.
They need communication aids; Signing,Picture Exchange Cards and communication apps.
They need weighted blankets, Chewys and sensory diets.
But most of all they  need a parent who will advocate for them and fight their corner enabling them to be able to access the same education and opportunities their neurotypical peers may be privy to.
Without someone to believe in us we find things harder.
But with encouragement we can soar!
Our children simply need a pathway, they need people. To believe that they CAN !
Teach your child about Tesla without who we would not have the modern electricity supply system.
Teach them of MichelangeloAndy Warhol and Michael Tollinson.
Let them hear Mozart and marvel at the stories of the Bronte sisters and Lewis Carroll whose character Alice In Wonderland desperately explored a world that made no sense to her.
We are painters, authors and musicians!
We are wonderful bright individuals who have no need of healing or cure.
Every one of us verbal or not has a voice, opinions and passions , and if you were to take a moment……you would be stunned by what you’d hear.
Emma Dalmayne, for the I Don’t Need A Cure Autism Flashblog 2015


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