The Time is Now

The Time Is Now.

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An open address to the parents using MMS and GcMAF from the autistic community.
We have individuals selling harmful unscientifically proven concoctions.
 We have vulnerable naïve and gullible parents duped into buying them as they are brainwashed by the message given by organisations like TACA (Treating And Curing Autism),
DAN (Defeat Autism Now) and Autism Speaks.  
They feed the propaganda money making machine that sends the message “Your children are at fault, they must be repaired.”  
Spewing inaccurate information scaremongering inducing sheer panic, see attached advert by Autism Speaks. 
Imagine being a parent of a newly diagnosed child, in reality we all have had a moment of terror at how our children would cope one day in the world without us to protect them.
 We have all worried about how others would treat them when we are not there to guide them against opportunists. 
Now imagine seeing that. 
These people are opportunists, leeches who feed on the insecurities and misguided need in these parents to do good for their child.
No parent means their child harm let’s get that clear.
They can however be brainwashed. The ones I speak of are horrified by their child’s condition and desperate to change it further fears compounded by the above organisations.
They feel put upon and unsupported with medical bills for the highly touted forced Applied  Behaviour Analysis compliance programmes forced on then to make their child “normal”. 
They have been conditioned to believe they must make these children fit in with their neurotypical peers or they will die leaving children defenceless to the world! 
11903274_1625185604427217_30272800_nThese children who have self stimulating behaviours in order to cope with their environment,  your children who have sensory issues and already have been programmed by you to believe they are wrong they need to be altered. 
A therapist stands in front of them demanding they sit, stand, look into their eyes and above all, above all else FIT IN.
These parents believe they have been failed. They have been presented with children that they have been told require treatment and drugs to fix them and fix them they shall! They become warrior parents fighting an everlasting war against their own children. Their government has betrayed them.
They then enter the realm of conspiracy.
The government they are told WANT their children to remain autistic as the therapies they are offered are expensive so are in Big Pharmas interest.
They begin to look past the therapiespast ABA and Occupational Therapy past Music therapy and look forward to a future of a child recovered.
From what we have no idea as autism is not an illness, disease or injury.
They hear of a miracle. Miracle Mineral Solution. A solution that can heal all ills, it’s touted by a church and the woman who promises this recovery has an autistic child herself! She knows how they feel they identify with her. Strange then that her Skype consults are so expensive if she cares so much and that her son is still autistic. Her names Kerri Rivera.
They begin the diet of highly restricted food types, they tell their child that they have an infestation of worms living in their stomachs but not to worry as they can get them out with this special bottom wash. 
They will fight this together. 
They will fight the child’s neurological makeup together.
The protocol begins. The parent believing the others they see in social media, the child embarrassed by the intimate touches and violation of anal penetration. But they must do this they must please their parents.
They watcas their parents hands shake, they have found their first strand of bowel lining coated in mucous. They arrange it on a paper plate specially bought for this exact moment, they have many they come in packs of 50.
Carefully a ruler is placed next to it and the parents hands fumble as they look for a coin to place just below it as they have seen others do. They take a picture of it then sit at their iPad or computer to share it on social media. The child walks away, tired now and feeling psychologically exhausted. They curl up in bed clinging to the hope that this will work, that their parents will be happy with them and be proud of them for being brave.
The drink is brought to them and the parent watches with satisfaction grateful that the first few times of meltdowns and holding their child in position has halted.
The drink that has been spiked with chlorine dioxide bleach. They watch as the little mouth they kissed as a baby gulps it down, they bid them goodnight and add they will see them soon for the nightly doses. The child feels sick and the now unending ache in their gut intensifies then ebbs as they drift into a dreamless sleep.
kodieThe parent checks the likes on the picture.
They then hear of GcMAF a new treatment to autism that Kerri Rivera is promoting to be used in conjunction with MMS. It’s a blood product that binds vitamin D in the body, an immune suppressant. What with the vaccine damage they’ve been told has caused their child’s autism and the side affects they are seeing with their child’s health they decide to try this ‘treatment’ as well. It’s costly and they pray the child learns to stay still and stops screaming with the administration of the intramuscular injections. They lost a dose the last time and the child spent the day in their room with no iPad time.
Probablfor the best as they are also looking at Wi- Fi damage.
David Noakes and Amanda Mary are making a fortune from your child’s agony, they line their nest while your child sobs into their pillow their legs torn apart with muscular cramps.
Your killing your child.
You won’t listen to us as you believe we are to ‘high functioning’ we don’t’ have autism the way your child does!’.
On that I must inform you you are wrong. We are autistics, many of us are verbal some are not but regardless of ability mentally we are perfectly eloquent and capable of thoughts opinions and we are horrified at what you are doing.
You are scared of us.
We scare you as we represent what your child can and will grow into no matter what you torture them with.
We give you doubtwhen you lay your head down at night.
We are here and your child I hope one day will find us, this needs to stop.
The time is now.

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