Leonard’s Healing Space.gone

Leonard’s Healing Space.gone

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Leonard’s Healing Space.gone

After continued efforts and reporting to trading standards, exposure in the Mirror newspaper and a BBC regional news special I am pleased to report that after yet another tip off by a member of the public who does not wished to be named to Wix websites it has as of 7th of September been permanently shut down! This is cause of great relief to myself and everyone campaigning to stop the MMS quackery treatments he was selling.
As far as we are aware he does not yet know as he’s on a course with Jim Humble and will I’m sure be horrified to learn his website which sold MMS which is for those not aware Chlorine Dioxide bleach which he recommends to cure the neurological difference Autism and diseases such as Cancer, Ebola and Hep B.,  enema kits and baby bottles is now gone.
Let’s celebrate for now and our thanks to the person who made a comprehensive in depth file and sent it to Wix.

After Leonardo was exposed in the One Show then again on BBC Regional news after I contacted them in May this year I’m so happy to see his websites down, I also contacted the Trinity Mirror group who ran an article on him exposing him for the charlatan he is.
Let’s hope he stays down awhile though I’ve noticed bad pennies have a habit of turning up.

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