10 Perks To Your Autistic Child Being Bullied, 24 hours Later Community Uproar

10 Perks To Your Child With Autism Being Bullied, 24 hours Later Community Uproar

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The more I have pondered the worse it gets.

A well known and up until recently well respected online publication issued an embargo on all submissions relating to MMS GcMAF and autistic mistreatments.

They then have followed up with what can only be described as a hate filled article that could potentially incite violence towards autistics.


What had caused this to occur?

We are none the wiser as hundreds of comments fill Twitter, FB and the article on the website in question autism daily newscast.com yet the only explanation available from Roberta Hill the owner of said website is that the article was an opinion piece and has now been moved to the correct location.

Not an apology and not a removal of said article which is still up inciting potential danger.

12166257_1648780805401030_194405561_nIn case you missed it is again linked as is the prequel to this article.

The reaction has been an outpouring of solidarity from the autistic and neurotypical community united in their horror of the piece in question.

The response has been as such that I have done this follow on piece as people deserve to have their say.

The National Autistic Society have contacted autism daily newscast and have voiced their concerns.

So let the community speak!

“ My son, a top student, abandoned his schooling after 9 years of serious debilitating bullying and harassment a few weeks ago.  Lost 2 years schooling, hope of University as a result.  His anxiety levels are through the roof.  This ‘bullying can be positive’ message is a killer”.

John Greally, autistic and father to autistic son.


“ It was with horror that I read the article published by Autism Daily Newscast today. An article taking what has been a traumatic, highly traumatic in fact, experience for myself and many other autistics and use it as some kind of bullshit inspiration porn.


There is no benefit or plus or positive of bullying. It is simply wrong and highly offensive to say that it is.

The author of this piece is a and ABA practitioner no less, an treatment practice with known links to PTSD for autistics that have endured it.

The ADN used it’s normal the views expressed or not necessarily the views of ADN however this is simply a cop out. This should never have passed their editorial team.

This is highly damaging to the autistic community. It is totally out of line with any evidence based practice or research regarding bullying which states in all cases that bullying is a negative and damaging thing to occur to anyone. It can and does have lifelong impacts for people subjected to it.

Furthermore this ridiculous tripe is no more than an exercise in victim blaming. It perpetuates a myth that it is somehow the victim of bullying that is at fault and should work to overcome the bullying and should use it for a learning experience.

We autistics are so often pilloried in the media. We are described as locked up, lost, psychopaths and sociopaths. Subjected to dangerous treatments, told we must change and conform to so called norms and now we can add to the list that we must suck it up and learn from and grasp onto the benefits of being bullied.

I can tell you that I was shamelessly bullied throughout my childhood, into my adulthood and at times this is still the case at times today. I have yet to find a positive from this experience, unless of course you want to count being scared of my own shadow,  fearful overtime someone walks behind me, jumping at the site of someone swinging their arm nearby. Not to mention a daily battle against my negative self-image which was perfected via the bullies constant teaching through both physical and mental and verbal and emotional actions that I was less, I was hopeless, a failure and worthless.

So no there are no 10 benefits to bullying for anyone, and certainly not for autistics thank you very much. Autism Daily Newscast should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. If they had any sense of a conscience they would remove the article immediately from their site. Issue an unreserved apology for the damage they have caused to autistic people and quite frankly they probably should just shut down their entire site.

I am disgusted and appalled”.

Richard Johnson Âû autistic and father to autistic daughter.


“Bullying in childhood left me with a mountain of trust issues, self-esteem problems and self-doubt that have lingered well into my adulthood.  I have trouble forming any sort of relationship with the opposite sex and still struggle with trusting even my best friends.  Please tell me how bullying was good for me.”

Anastasia Guiler, age 28, autistic.


“ What the fuck is wrong with these people ? I was verbally and sometimes physically bullied , one time I was tied to a lamppost by a skipping rope around my neck and my hands as well. Did that help me ‘build strength ‘ or did it make it clear to a 5/6 year old child that he was different and therefore unequal? Building strength my ass”.

Ali Lacy, autistic


“ When I read the part about bullying will toughen up your child I found that to be outrageous  and criminal”.

James Quazzey Daugherty, autistic.


“ Bullying is not ok whether a child is autistic or not. It destroys Children’s  minds instead of building them up. It’s our job as parents and educators to facilitate appropriate interactions between children. So it’s not actually the children who are bullies it’s the adults who allow their children to behave in an awful way”.

Pamela Bell, autistic mother to four autistic children.


Karen Sisto ABA Therapist wrote an Article recently published by Roberta Hill of Autism Daily Newscast.

This Article claims there are Perks to Bullying Autistic people.

The Autistic community is outraged and we view this Article and it’s content as dangerous as it firstly makes light of Bullying and secondly promotes violence towards the Autistic community.

Hundreds of complaints have been made to Autism Daily Newscast and also the Author of said Article.

Not one of our complaints have been acknowledged or addressed and after asking Autism Daily Newscast many times to remove this highly offensive Article, the Article still remains published for all to see!

Do we the Autistic community not matter?

Are we invisible to you?

As an Autistic Advocate with beautiful Autistic children I feel stunned and disgusted that Autism Daily Newscast published this insane article and even more shocked that they continue to ignore our concerns and complaints.

Roberta Hill and her Media Outlet Autism Daily Newscast are meant to support the Autistic community?

Instead they give platforms for ABA therapists and the likes who encourage dangerous messages like the ones portrayed in the Karen Sisto Article.

I have been bullied throughout my life and the NEGATIVE affects of Bullying last forever!



This article makes a MOCKERY of BULLYING!

We the Autistic community will not walk away from this matter and we eagerly await an apology from Roberta Hill,  Karen Sisto and Autism Daily Newscast!

Fiona O’Leary

ART Autistic Rights Together”.

Fiona Oleary, autistic mother to two autistic sons.


“This idiot was obviously never bullied at school. Perhaps she ought to try these “perks”.

Bill Anderton, autistic and father to an autistic daughter.


“ One of my biggest concerns here is, and the biggest threat this poses, is that it will exacerbate a bullying problem, when people have an article like this that practically excuses bullies and protects them, in a very warped way, as some sort of canvass to spread awareness”.

Thomas Âû Wall.


“ Whereas I agree that bullying is hard to prevent; and when it does happen, an opportunity opens up to promote acceptance, inclusion and improved communications; some key phrases stick out. The are no perks to the bullied person. It’s like saying there’s a perk to burning in hell.

“If everyone seizes the opportunity…… as a team…. With your help, schools should focus….”


Forget it. Parents aren’t seen as equal partners or team members by schools. Any help offered will be thrown away as “we studied for this, we know better”.


This obviously educated lady made a very poor choice in the wording used, and lives in Cloud Cuckoo-land when it comes to envisioning how parents can tackle this.

Also to think that it will help ASD kids (or any child for that matter, the world is full of social NT wrecks due bullying) to come out of their shell is as as optimistic as thinking that 15 years exposure to hardened criminals will turn a juvenile delinquent into a prime member of society ….”.

Andre Van Schoonhoven, autistic father to an autistic son.


“ When I was 12 a classmate kindly advised me that the rest of them would like me if I wasn’t “so soft” and didn’t cry so much. When I was 13 someone told me they couldn’t decide if I or my friend was the most hated in the whole school. I began cutting myself to control my emotions and appear more “hard” and thus more likeable. That’s what I learned from bullying. “Discussing the communication and social deficits experienced by kids with autism”??? Why don’t we discuss the communication and social deficits displayed by the bullies?”

Jo Anderton, autistic.


12164884_1648778862067891_1719949580_oAnd finally my eight year old son who expresses more sense then the author or the editor of autism daily newscast.


“ I hate this. It’s ignorant, bullying people isn’t good. The woman who wrote this is ignorant and shouldn’t write these words. Being bullied doesn’t feel very nice.

The woman who wrote that should shut up”.

Damien Dalmayne, autistic .


Do the right thing Roberta Hill, remove the article we the autistic community speak as one.


My first article regarding this atrocity:


Original Article published by ADN:
Article by Richard Johnson Âû

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