Bishop by day…

Bishop by day…

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Emma has received this information and write up from an anonymous writer known as TruthSayer. The below is penned by TruthSayer as received by Emma.


Bishop By Day…..

Leonardo Edwards has made a name for himself, a respected member of the Genesis Two Church recently ordained a IMG_7375Bishop and close personal friend of the originator Jim Humble.

He counts among his friends prominent public figures such as  Kerri Rivera, author of Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism and Andreas Kackler.

For a over a year my interest has been Bishop Leonardo Edwards, more specifically how to bring him down. Leonardo is a snake oil procurer, he sells the creation Jim Humble dreamt up Miracle Mineral Solution. MMS is made consists of Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid and for the fee of £120 Leonardo will come and meet you for a one hour consultation and demonstrate how to mix it together thus creating Chlorine Dioxide.

He will tell you that it cures all ills, diseases and ailments from earache applied into the ear canal with a dropper to rashes where you would apply in a spray.

Leonardo will recommend that  this solution more commonly used for bleaching wood pulp and purifying swimming pool water can cure Cancer, Ebola and Malaria.

He will promise it can bring health to arthritis sufferers and heal hepatitis.

The proof of these miraculous recoveries are not to be found in any medical journal nor in any hospital records. No peer group revised papers will prove this to you but as he says in the interview attached there are many YouTube testimonials.

This in itself is obviously extremely concerning with no one seemingly willing to take responsibility for this criminal activity.

The MHRA state that MMS is being used as a food supplement so recommend you report it to the FSA.

IMG_7373The FSA say it’s a medicine and send you back to MHRA.

They both also recommend Trading Standards. While all this bouncing back and forth is happening we have individuals like Leonardo selling a harmful highly toxic chemical bleach on multiple websites.

Leonardo, to me most worryingly is an advisor in the CD Autism group along with Kerri Rivera.

Yes that stands for Chlorine Dioxide.

In this FB support group, and others including MMS England and MMS Scotland he advises parents of special needs children mostly diagnosed Autistic some with the extra challenges of Sensory Issues and Learning Difficulties. Many of these children are unable to verbally communicate.

Leonardo advises the Kackler protocol of enemas which is in Kerri Rivera’s book. The book gives the  misinformation to vulnerable misguided parents that Autism is caused by parasitic rope worms living in the intestines.

Like a gruesome fairy tale these worms she extols have caused these children to become autistic, they become more active on Full Moon nights and she has even named this phenomena.

P. O. W. Stands for Pissed Off Worms.

On POW nights children may make more self stimulatory noises to self soothe and have more meltdowns. This is more likely due to the fact they are given more doses of CD at this time then mythical rope worms causing the behaviours.

The administration of CD is recommended in the following ways:



In a bath


IMG_7372Children are being given repeated enemas with purified water containing Chlorine Dioxide/ MMS/ bleach to ‘heal’ the neurological difference they have been born with.

This leads to stripping of the bowel, excess mucous and green bowel movements plus excessive cramping and agonising pain.

They are being forced to inhale it in hot steamy bathroom causing breathlessness resulting finally in lung damage.

They are being made to bathe in it and are sprayed with it in the eyes and on wounds on the skin caused by it.

Parents post that their children are unable to move or walk due to pain after enemas. That they have turned yellow, have blue lips, have developed blisters and rashes.

That they cry and make more noise then usual and are developing more violent behaviours.

Occasionally there are posts where a parent confides that their partner is worried by this and wishes to stop using it on the child.

IMG_7371On many of these posts is Leonardo, dutifully selling his wares of glass NUK baby bottles, enema kits and MMS more commonly called CD in the group.

He was exposed by the BBC whom exposed Leonardo selling to an undercover reporter on June 11th in the middle of Kings Cross train station. The reporter had told Leonardo it was for his autistic nephew. He is seen mixing these chemicals in public with not a care in the world. He was again exposed by the BBC this September selling to an undercover 85 yr old woman telling her it could cure her arthritis and Cancer.

He was also exposed in the Trinity Mirror and subsequently The Mirror.

I am now left with little choice but to reveal the Bishop of the Genesis Two Church who sells the sacrament known as MMS has some very questionable past times.

He professes to be able to heal the sick, expose the truth on Big Pharma and leads to all visible extents and purposes a clean, respectable Bishop like lifestyle.

He regularly visits his mentor Jim Humble and has many pictures with him beaming with pride with his arm around his pretty girlfriend in various locations of the world.

Leonardo has and appears on many websites including Leonardoshealingspace.com, Leonardoshealingspace.com.is and this questionable website here where he calls himself Lost It Leon and  lists his likes and requirements as dogging the practice of watching others engage in sexual activity through their car windows in car parks. Group sex and consensual sex between older couples, threesomes and sexual intercourse on camera.

Be very clear this article is not to shame or humiliated his man.

It is to show that a man who professes to be a Bishop of a non religious cult church who advises parents of autistic children some to use Chlorine Dioxide bleach in enemas inside their bodies also enjoys peering into window in shady car parks.

He is not respectable he is an opportunist, a leech and a man who feed on the agonies of children.

This has been a long time coming I have sat on this information for three months.

IMG_7370Why? Because people will defend his right to privacy.

He advised a parent using Turpentine and CD on his autistic five year old son  on Sept 8th in the CD group making arrangements for payment by email for the parent to continue to purchase MMS from him.

I apologise to Leonardo Edwards in advance that I have no remorse in doing my upmost to expose him and stop him a using children by whatever means I can.

If that makes me wrong I will never be right or wish to be.


June BBC exposè http://youtu.be/ZYdMzBOyb8E

September exposè BBC http://youtu.be/HB-myx_ce9k

Leon’s story http://youtu.be/n6sRu57V17U

Leonardo interview http://youtu.be/v1XT6uIRziU

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