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Emma in the news – The Mercury

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Supporting those with autism

By Mandy Little

A WOOLWICH mum and campaigner against a controversial “cure” for autism is keen to share her experiences and help support parents in the area.

Emma Dalmayne, who home educates her seven-year-old autistic son and daughter, three, who is yet to be formally diagnosed with the condition, has set up a website with tips for parents.

The mum of four other children with a range of neurological conditions is also campaigner against the use of Chlorine Dioxide, marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), as a cure for autism.

She is concerned it could cause physical damage to youngster’s intestine and bowel linings.

The 38-year-old, who has in the past year been diagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome, runs a Facebook support group and organises events for children and autistic adults.

The writer’s articles cover her tips from dealing with her son’s meltdowns from sensory overload and the therapies and activities she has found beneficial.

She told the Mercury: “I want to raise understanding and awareness of autism and build a support network for families. I am concerned that some parents become isolated dealing with challenging behaviour and

become vulnerable to trying out controversial treatments.

“The meet-ups are great as often people find it hard to take their

autistic children out as they fear they will get lots of tutting about their behaviour. Autistic children can be very sensitive to light, scent and noise, and so in busy places such as supermarkets this can lead to a sensory overload and a meltdown.”

She said her son deals with this by sinking to the floor to ground himself but often people mutter that he should be made to get up.

Ms Dalmayne decided to home educate her son two years ago as the school was unable to provide the one-to-one support she felt he

needed and she was concerned he was being bullied.

She said: “He has been diagnosed with autism, expressive language

disorder, dyspraxia and ADHD and so he had complex needs.

“We do lots of sensory play and he is now so much happier and calmer and his bad behaviour has diminished.

“People think home education means being stuck at home but we are always out and about at museums, libraries and parks. There are some great places to go.

“He does hydra therapy and has started going to music and movement classes at the Laban Centre in Deptford and enjoys playing on its beautiful landscaped grassed hills.”

IMG_7761She recommends a number of organisations offering activities she has found sensitive to the needs of autistic children.

These include The New Lodge Riding Centre, in Mottingham Lane, Eltham; Montessori Education for Autism in Westcombe Hill, Blackheath and Animal Days Out in Bexley Road, Eltham.

She particularly recommends Greenwich Toy Leisure Library in New Haven Gardens in Eltham for its fantastic sensory play area for children with disabilities.

The busy mum is organising a meet-up event in Greenwich for autistic individuals and families whose children have the condition.

There have been no clinical tests on the claims MMS can cure a range of conditions including autism, cancer, HIV and acne. The Food Standards Agency has warned against its use as has its equivalent body in the US. It is banned in Canada. For more information, go to https://autisticatedalmayne.blogspot.com

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