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A child with a difference may wake every day,

Scripting and rehearsing what they believe they must say,

Maybe rocking,

Then lining up,

Controlling what they can,

As nothing is guaranteed To always go to plan,

They have a list you see,

Of what they expect,

A deviation, Routine change,

Then that list is wrecked,

A child may scatter,

It doesn’t matter,

Again it’s taking control,

That pile in the room,

The shoes,

The book,

The broom,

Are there for a reason,


They mean everything,

Will be alright,

They are solid,

And so they can sleep.

A Child With A Difference May spin to balance,

The vestibular sense,

May be in dalliance,

With sound sensitivity,

And so they may shriek,

Holding their ears,

As silence they seek,

They may sing,

To stimm,

To balance within,

Sink to the floor,

As its solid to him,

The world seems to spin,

In all the wrong places,

Anxiety hits,

And so his heart races,

Yet this child with a difference,

Needs only acceptance,

Help with frustration,

And ear defenders,

This child with a difference,

Has a name,

He’s different neurologically,

But so precious,

The same,

As any other,

A sister,

A brother,

Please show them patience,

They need understanding,

I was once that child,

Now I’m here,


To tell you,

Take time,

Don’t panic,

Don’t cry,

Your child is different,

One day they’ll fly,

We are significant,

As we gleam,

We shine,

We light up your world,

So cherish,

Be proud,

Of your rainbow boy or girl.

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