The Lies and Lows of Kerri Rivera

The Lies and Lows of Kerri Rivera

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I have long been following with mounting horror the CD Protocol recommended by Jim Humble and then recommended by Kerri Rivera in the book ‘Healing the symptoms known as Autism’.

IMG_7489In this book read by thousands of desperate parents who have been brainwashed by the Autism Speaks mentality that autism is a disease or sickness she recommends using Chlorine Dioxide bleach to ‘heal’ autism.

She alleges that parasitic rope worms in the children’s intestines and bowels are causing the children to be autistic. To rid them of their autism which she likens to ‘being in chains’ she has set out a strict diet and protocol.

It includes using CD in baths, sprays and internal enemas.

The result of this as you can see in attached links and screenshots is shedding of bowel lining, excess mucous from the bowel, green stools, abdominal pain and internal bleeding, nosebleeds, seizures and hair loss. Teeth turning black, sores and rashes, nails flaking, kidney failure and dehydration.

IMG_7486Apparently this is all part and parcel of the cleansing affects of CD, the detoxification and ‘die off’ of the worms. Kerri also has affectionately named the time of the full moon as P.O. W which stands for Pissed off Worms which related to the apparent deterioration of behaviours in autistic children ate for full moon times.

Someone recently pointed out that by an amazing coincidence POW also stands for Prisoners Of War, which these children are.

They are victims of the parents who are meant to care for them, keep them safe yet have been abusing them with bleach and anally raping them with no care of the privacy they invade nor the pain the inflict.

Rivera counsels and admins a group called CD Autism in which she gives advice to parents who use this deadly protocol on their children.

IMG_7485In the attached screenshots you will see the advice handed out and please be aware, this woman has no medical training of an kind. Advising on children being dosed as young as ten months old up to vulnerable adults being restrained by family members who strongly believe they can and will heal them.

Also please be aware that Rivera is the mother of an autistic son on whom she has used HBOT, Chelation, GcMAF and CD for over five years.

Also please be aware he is still very much autistic.

I’ve been lucky enough to be given the right to use an interview with Rivera by a journalist called Julianna Siemssen, who works for the Tacoma Ledger and who’s original article is linked below. My thanks to her for allowing me to use her questions and quotes below, good strong questions and some truly sickening answers.

The Interview.

Q. Describe the treatments you recommend for autism.

A .The treatments are well documented in my book, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism. We do a special diet with therapies that kill (cleanse) pathogens (virus, bacteria, candida, heavy metals and parasites) and deals with inflammation.


Q. What is your affiliation with the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing?

IMG_7476A. We all use chlorine dioxide for healing illnesses.


Q. How does the diet you recommend work?

A. gluten free and casein free diet helps to stop inflammation as well as eliminating proteins that are semi digested from going into the brain.


Q. Why do you refer to chlorine dioxide as “CD” instead of by its chemical formula, ClO2?

A. ClO2 is Chlorine Dioxide…which is long to say if you use the words frequently. So, we just say CD.


Q. Chlorine dioxide is used in the process of bleaching paper, and the people who work with it take extensive precautions to protect themselves, since it’s a toxic chemical. Why do you consider it safe to use?”

A.Everything is poisonous, nothing is poisonous, it is all a matter of dose” as Paracelsus is quoted to have said.


Q. What role do you believe the full moon plays in autism?

A. Parasites are a big issue in autism. Parasites from their toxins cause symptoms known as autism.


IMG_7480Q. What is “biofilm defence”?

A. An enzyme that breaks up biofilm.


Q. What is GcMAF?

A. How does it work?


Q. What about hyperbaric oxygen therapy? What does that do to cure autism?

A. HBOT helps to bring down inflammation in the brain and is very helpful in healing autism.


Q. Why do you think that most doctors do not endorse these treatments?

A. These are relatively cheap and mostly a do-it-yourself protocol. And there are a lot of doctors who do not promote it for fear of being stripped of their license or murdered as we have seen in the USA with doctors curing autism and cancer alternatively. But, they support the families just the same. And there are a large number of doctors internationally that do my protocol. So, it is only in the USA and UK where the medical boards only want people doing treatments approved for autism where there really isn’t any.


Q. If you cured over 180 children of autism, and you consider their parents’ testimonies to be proof, why did you agree to stop promoting MMS in Illinois despite that proof?

A. 190 people between the ages of 2 and 32 have lost the diagnosis of autism with the protocol. There are even more that this. However, since it is a do-it-yourself approach. I don’t get the opportunity to know them all. Plus, there are practitioners/doctors around the world having success with the protocol in their own clinics and offices.


IMG_7479Q. What is so bad about someone flapping their hands, running in circles, or not making eye contact with you?

A. Well, the biggest problem is that we had a completely healthy child before a vaccine and then this happens. It is very hard for someone to learn and develop if all they do it flap, run and never make eye contact. Plus, these are only symptoms. What is happening in the gut and brain is the big picture. The flapping etc is a symptom.


Q. Why didn’t you try to figure out other ways of helping your son communicate–for example, providing him with a letter board, or teaching him sign language?

A. Who told you I didn’t?


Q. All children grow and develop, including autistic children. Is it possible that the improvements people are seeing are developments that would have happened anyways?

A. I wish. But, as you would see if you wanted the work of another pioneer in this field, Robin Goffe…her son was a very high functioning person with autism till puberty struck. Then he became severe. And as she found with this protocol, he was highly infested with parasites.


IMG_7477Q. Do you think it is better to give children dangerous chemicals than for them to be autistic?

A.What about deadly diseases prevented by vaccines?


Q. Are those better than autism?

A. If you don’t consider chlorine dioxide or other chemicals to be dangerous, okay, but if you did would you still recommend it?I think the word dangerous makes this question hard to answer. Paracelsus is spot on about that. Too much water and we die also. I recommend what I see working over and over again. ZERO dead…so, how dangerous is a drop of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)?


Q. (This is not a question of whether the protocols you recommend are dangerous. If you believe they are not, imagine you have a choice between requiring your child to ingest a chemical they you do believe is toxic, and having that child be autistic.)

A. The children get healthier and some even recover. “Toxic”??


Q. How do you think autistic people would react to that response?  

IMG_7474A. If people with autism can have an opinion then they do not need to be recovered from anything. And my son with regressive autism is very different then a person who can protest and boycott.


Q. There have been deaths linked to chelation, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can cause pain, paralysis, and embolism. In light of this information, why do you continue to promote these as “treatments” for autistic children?

A. There were 2 children who were given an IV push of EDTA for adults. This goes back to what Paracelsus said. There was the wrong product and wrong application…medical doctor error. And HBOT does not cause pain unless there is an ear infection of which needs to be rectified before the treatment. HBOT is great for CP and removing paralysis. As for an embolism, the chamber will not cause it, but the opposite.


Q. Similarly, chlorine dioxide is used as an industrial bleach, and has been proven to cause nausea, vomiting, and even life-threatening drops in blood pressure. When administered rectally, it causes intestines to bleed and shed their lining. You are aware of this information, calling the vomiting a “Herxheimer reaction” and claiming that the intestinal lining is actually a type of parasite. Why, then, do you continue to promote it?

A. No one has has ever died from using CD. Nausea and vomiting are a Herxheimer reaction to going to fast in any detoxification protocol. And as for drops in blood pressure, I am not familiar with this together with CD and there are over 30,000 people on social media alone doing this protocol. So…if it were happening, I would have seen it.


IMG_7473Q. In your words, there are “tens of thousands” of people using your protocol, while only 186 have been healed. That’s 1.86% at most–significantly less than the effects of a placebo, which has been shown to work 35% of the time at treating diseases. Why do you believe that you are effectively treating autism?

A. Autism is a very difficult diagnosis to treat/cure/heal. Most doctors are getting zero recoveries and changing tens of thousands of dollars. But, all of the people who do the protocol get better and see improvements.


Q. If you were autistic, would you consent to this treatment?

A. Of course.


Q. Do you value autistic people?

A. I value human life, of course. Heck, I value life in general. We use this with our pets too.


Q. Do you think our society values their existence?

A. I have no idea.


Q. Many autistic adults are opposed to the idea of a cure for autism, including those who cannot speak, are intellectually disabled, or are otherwise considered low-functioning. What do you think gives you the right to speak over them?

A. The people who I help are not able to boycott and oppose ideas. They are too busy with issues like running in circles, banging their heads, crying, not sleeping, having diarrhoea chronically for years, totally non verbal etc etc…the people with regressive autism are not protesting and cannot do these types of high functioning things. These are 2 very different groups of people.

So apparently people who are non verbal, head bang, have diarrhoea, cry and don’t sleep have no feelings and are not worthy of an opinion.

They could not possibly be having these behaviours due to having a colon full of bleach?

IMG_7472I shall leave it up to you to decide but I leave you with these questions….how did these so called parasites infest these children? And it’s highly suspect that as seen in attached screenshots you are advised not to seek medical help nor inform anyone you are using this on your child.

Why? Because it’s child abuse.

I’m an autistic and proud to be one.

Yes I have challenges as do my autistic children. It also give us a world view that’s untainted by the relentless need to make money, the all devouring need to change and alter people.

We do not fit in and that unfortunately scares some people.

With the right inclusive surroundings and understanding we as neurodiverse individuals flourish. We live in a world that can be to bright, to loud and bewildering.

With sensory therapies and help with communication we can do very well.

Acceptance and inclusion is what we need and is our entitlement as human beings.

To Rivera be aware that to say the children and adults you recommend this anal rape torturous treatment be used on are not able to have ideas you are sorely mistaken, though you are correct they cannot boycott.

They are vulnerable, they are abused.

They are autistics.

And you? You deserve to be in jail.

You are qualified in nothing you have shown with your callousness that you do not deserve a right to have an opinion IMG_7487on the views of autistics.

Ones like me whom are able to verbalise, to challenge you are called Pharma shills and told we are to weak to heal ourselves, to heal our children.

What you do not see, will not see is we are not injured, ill or damaged.

We are not an epidemic wreaking havoc.

You are.

Please click here to sign a petition for legislation against the use of MMS.


Rivera talks

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