From The Autism Community To CD Autism.

From The Autism Community To CD Autism.

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From The Autism Community To CD Autism.

I wanted to send a message to the parents, the self proclaimed ‘ Warrior Moms’ who say they are ‘ Combating  Autism’ and bleaching the child they gave birth to.

The child they nurtured in they’re womb, then they heard the word ‘ Autism’.

Suddenly the child they had cherished was a problem to be fixed, and they literally launched war on they’re own children.

With a fervour akin to mania they order the Chlorine Dioxide recommended in the holy bible of quackery ‘ Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism’ and pay money to speak to the propagator of child anal rape Kerri Rivera.

They create a fake Facebook profile and join the bowels of social media, CD Autism.

IMG_8072There they find acceptance and kinship with the other parents who avidly post and take pictures of they’re child’s bowel mucous and lining.

They have great banter about the full moon causing P.O.W.S, pissed of worms syndrome to you and me.

They name the bowel lining.

Welcome to hell.

They complain about not being able to stand the sound of the stimming that they’re child has developed due to the stress of being anally raped, they complain that the child will not stay still and laugh about the mess caused in the struggle to administer.

I say administer.

These are not doctors, these are unqualified parents and carers believing they can remove a neurological difference in a child’s brain by flushing chlorine dioxide up inside a child’s colon.

Up to a litre is now advised.

A litre!

I call on the autism community, what is you’re view of this?

What would you say to these parents who scramble in the faeces of the children they are meant to protect from harm?

They seek lengths of bowel lining and think sticky mucous is picture worthy, jesting and seeking peer approval calling each other worm catchers.

First is Cathy Withnell , autistic and mother to an autistic daughter.

“ I was no different to any other Mother, when my daughter was born all I wished for was a healthy happy baby, a natural desire to protect and nurture.

As she grew, she was difficult, it’s true, and she didn’t seem to meet the milestones that other Mothers seemed to be boasting about around me. But she had such a laugh! Never heard such an infectious, hilarious laugh!

We, as parents, tried our very hardest, we put every piece of effort into keeping our child happy, we didn’t understand her sensory needs, no one had told us about Autism at this stage. It was tough, but we lived for the good days, hours even, took what we could when it was there, pushed through the bad days and kept on walking, no one would stop us do the best we could for our child, demands we met, hours and hours of sleep lost, never a dull moment that was promised!

Scroll forward to diagnosis day now, years on, the school, worried at her lack of progress, had helped us push for this, it will help get the support she will need at school they said.

Sitting in the chair, facing the Doctor who was in charge of the test my daughter had sat through two weeks previous. Waiting with no baited breath, just a formality for me, nothing I didn’t already know.

The Doctor seemed concerned for my own feelings, asked If would be ok, that it must be a big shock. I remember being shocked, yes, at what she was saying to me! I was not shocked.

This was my daughter, and now we had a diagnosis, a collection of papers detailing my daughters failings, her differences and her behaviours. They had not held back! It was and still is not something which I have ever read in detail. Because it was someone else’s view of my child, an NTs view of my child, and their ideas of ‘normal’ and their concoction of tests which they deemed unacceptable to fail at. I took this diagnosis, and I used it to obtain a statement of educational needs for her secondary school which my daughter would soon be starting.

I gave this school my trust, they took my funding money and smiled. I took her out of that school a year and a half later, no longer in any belief that they knew best. I realised something during this time, something that a lot of people seem to misunderstand. I knew best, my partner knew best, and my daughter knew what she needed, I just hadn’t been watching or listening to HER needs, not really.

I was swamped with written evaluations from teachers, doctors, occupational therapists, educational physiologists. These people didn’t really know my daughter, I DID. And my daughter had been trying to show us, through her violent outbursts, her temper breakdowns, her cries of frustration and non compliant behaviour. She just needed a way out, some time, some understanding.

We sat back and pondered our mistakes, admitting our wrongs and hanging our heads in shame for allowing these people to try to mould our child into something she was not.

We found this amazing support group online, where it seemed Autism was being celebrated daily, where ideas were based around helping therapies and sensory play. No one had ever told us what sensory play was.

I had never heard of stimming. I realised that I knew nothing. So I started again. Better late than never, we fell back, the pressure was off with unschooling already in place, but now we sat up with ears pricked.

I watched and learned, I read stories every day about children’s successes, families who not only accepted autism but also were living proudly, shouting out that this integral part of them was something that can lead to a happy life, I read of adults who were living independently , adults that IMG_8074were non verbal as children, adults who sadly had often had an awful, abusive journey with whispers of cruel attempts at ‘curing them’ and stories so horrific many are still not ready to talk, these adults who were written off as children, whose parents believed they were ‘broken’ some kind of demented misfit of society that needed changing and brought up to be ‘normal’.

These adults have suffered, they do not forget their treatment, and they do not forgive those that did this to them. Their ‘families’ are now the people who understand them, who support them and celebrate their unique ways and praise their amazing brains. What any human being craves, acceptance for who they are, nothing more. I am one of the lucky ones, I will let my daughter grow up to be herself, and I will have the love of my daughter forever.

Just what I always wanted, from the second I saw her face the day she was born “.

Dominique Burnett, mother to three autistic children.


“ The use of MMS on vulnerable people is not only wrong it’s cruelty and abuse. The belief that people would rather hold that they can cure autism rather than learn to live with it is the issue.

So many families out there fall prey to those who seek to make money off of that fear. That uncertainty that comes with raising a child on the spectrum. We need to put our money, energy, and time into proper education of parents with autistic children. Giving proper tools to face a new challenge; one that was not previously a consideration for most parents is key.

MMS is definitely NOT the answer.

It causes severe physical issues for those using it. It’s torture plain and simple. Look at your child and love them as they are. Finds ways of helping them cope through their challenges and accept that they aren’t going to be what you wanted them to be.

Instead allow them to be who they are! MMS is not a scientifically proven treatment. It’s hidden on the dark web under the guise of pool cleaners because it’s fake. Not because the government is trying to keep from you information that can save your child .

It’s hidden so they can keep peddling it to vulnerable adults who are so afraid of new they will torture their kids rather than accept them. Autism is a beautiful gift. Once we can educated ourselves on what Autism truly is, the parents in this world will no longer fear their autistic children.

They will lift them up and love them as they are. MMS isn’t the answer, it’s the problem!”

Heather Beattie, mother to an autistic son.

“ Due to a terrible book I borrowed from the library years ago, I used to be scared of ‘autism’.  The book was written in the 1960’s and depicted severe behavioural issues which needed forceful compliance.  This concept probably terrified me more than the actual diagnosis.  I was so pleased when the ‘experts’ told me my son was not autistic.  Looking back, delayed development, motor skill problems, language delay, sensory issues and restricted interests and tastes, hum ‘.  

Anyway forward it on another 5 years of my son being misunderstood, and wanting to work in the care industry, I decided to take a course in autism.  The penny started to drop them for me, and I knew I had to seek a diagnosis for my son.  A year of fighting, then a year sitting on a waiting list and he was diagnosed.

 My feelings were very mixed at the time.  I got told I needed to grieve, I admit I was more teary than usual that week, but my son hadn’t changed, so part of it didn’t sit quite right.  I was in a few Facebook groups at the time.  

I didn’t relate to lots of the posts, but my son was mildly on the spectrum (yes I know now, not the correct terminology), and always convinced myself that the negative mums obviously had it far harder than our family did.  I then found a few more Facebook groups with autistic adults in.  The feelings in these groups were far more positive, far from the depressing image of autism many groups parenting groups.  I noticed good advice being given to parents, instead of ‘oh I know, we have that too’.

I  learned that many autistic adults didn’t see autism as a tragedy.  I learned the bigger picture, I started to see that with the correct support that my son will thrive.  I never really doubted it, but this confirmed everything.  I sometimes look back in parenting groups and see the sadness of parents IMG_8071still trying to compare their kid to neurotypical kids.  

I want to shout that theirs is ok, in time they will meet their milestones, to stop comparing, just enjoy their child, stop worrying’, but these words are often drowned out with negative comments’.

If you are depressed, its easier to relate to someone else who is depressed, and sometimes getting yourself out of that cycle is a hard task.  There was none of this in groups with autistic adults.    My perspective started to change, and that is the best feeling ever.

Unfortunately although the book that terrified me is 50 years old, the scaremongering and negative attitude hasn’t changed.  In fact, now for a more powerful effect, it has increased in many ways,   

The Wakefield effect has put a blame on something for autism,  The pseudoscience industry thrives on profiting from this.  Autism has become a blame game, rather than a need for acceptance.

For some parents having something to blame is far easier than accepting reality, but reality is only as bad as your perception.  With the correct advice, a positive outlook and a willing to learn, your life doesn’t have to be that tragedy depicted in the media.  The best advice I could give any parent with an autistic child, let some autistic adults guide you, they are the experts “.

Matthew Poutney Âû , autistic.

“ Parents are given false hope in thinking that giving what is basically, bleach, labeled with the name MMS will cure a loved one of their autism.

As an autistic person, this horrifies me that someone would in a heart-beat; force me to take this up to 8 times a day. Whether it be though, spraying it on me, making me bath in it or through internal enemas (anal rape!).

IMG_4336This would be done to an autistic person, in the name of profit. People like Kerri Rivera, Amanda Mary and many others, exploit the unfounded fears of parents and caregivers and like an unwanted parasite, they worm their way in with sugar coated words, unrealistic promises and deceitful lies to convince that parent that vaccines did this to their child and “Big Pharma” are behind this.

This does not cure autism. MMS is nothing more than torture. It can and will kill us! We don’t need this. We need SALT,, OT, music therapy, play therapy, weighted blankets, ear defenders, social stories, love, acceptance and respect!

The main tragedy to the use of this; this that as horrible as it is, is not the abuse, the horror and trauma that the child or adult will go though, but the fact that it could have been avoided, with all of the above.

So to both the parents who are ignorant to use this “protocol” and to greedy money makers who are in it for a profit, I can think of a great quote that used from of the greatest tragic stories of all time “a plague o both your houses”.

Andre Van Shoonhoven, autistic and father to autistic son.

“ MMS: dangerous products have warning labels for a good reason. At my job we use this stuff; as a cleaner and people use all the right precautions. And with good reason. And you put this stuff in your child “to cure”?  Let’s not get into the “curing” discussion. For a moment simply use common sense and think about putting a chemical, not found in nature, but man-made in a deliberate process into your child!!!

What’s described as “compliant and healing” is simply lethargy as the result of being poisoned! “

Jodie Bartholomew Oates, mother to an autistic daughter.

“ Mms/bleach and GcMAF

This just seems insane to me. I know families are desperate. I know parents skill levels and abilities differ. I question why alarm bells don’t start ringing re the high price of these “treatments”. I questions n why alarm bells don’t start ringing that these “treatments” coincidentally happen to “cure” autism, job and cancer!?   Amazing one product can all three things, or just maybe that’s where the money and desperation is? Even if it was proven to work I would seriously struggle to put my child through that and the obvious risks. It sounds like torture to me, it makes me sick to my stomach. I feel like the people peddling this rubbish are on the same level with rapists and thieves, preying on the vulnerable, stealing money and causing damage and hurt and that’s at best!  I can’t even think about it too much I can’t cope.

ABA everywhere I go people rave about this and I don’t get it. I’m not naive. We are all motivated for reward, work for wages, exercise for compliments, etc. I can also regretfully see that some issues (ie for Bella staying dressed in public) have to be addressed, and I don’t think a treat if she manages it is too evil. BUT outside of what is necessary, training someone like a puppy to perform for reward, teaching them to pretend not to be anxious so neurotypical around them feel less awkward, is no different to making a gay man pretend that be straight incase he upsets homophobic’s. I won’t do it.

I want my angel face to genuinely feel less anxious, and if she can’t feel less anxious then absolutely I want her to be able to express it. The only thing worse to me than having her feeling that way is having her feeling that way and not be able to communicate it to me through swimming or meltdowns so she is trapped and isolated in her own body. How could that NOT cause mental health issues?

IMG_4340I am so fed up with crap about discipline. The phrase “she’ll soon eat if she’s hungry” makes me want to ram their words down their throat. Much like “but she smiles and makes eye contact, are you sure she’s autistic”? <yawn>. Nobody not even my own mum truly knows what we go through and only Bella knows what it’s like for her. The ill education and misinformation on autism has shocked me. The quackery surrounding it even more so. Don’t get me wrong.

I am not one of these mums who embraces everything about autism. There are difficulties and don’t care what you call them or what caused them, I hate seeing my child suffer. As with most things in life the bad comes with blessings too. She has high anxiety but she sees such beauty and detail. She can’t get dress herself or feed herself yet she taught herself to read under 3 ½ years old. She has sever GORD and that too gives her problems she doesn’t deserve. Bella and her sister beau are the only things in life I haven’t been disappointed with. I always wanted to be a mother and it looked like it wasn’t going to be possible. Now my dream has come true and it’s everything I ever wanted. Before we moved to France (I’ll tell about my experience here another time) my old life was in care, I owned two care homes for the elderly and had an excellent reputation simply because I did it properly. Before that I had a Dom care agency and also does  voluntary work with children with various disabilities, one on one care with an older gentleman who suffered stroke, and at a day centre with Down syndrome children. I originally intended to be a midwife by my point is I feel like this was always going to happen, like my whole life has been training leading up to me being given this special little person. I know just how trite that sounds bit for me it’s true. I only hope I don’t let her down.

We have dedicated sensory areas upstairs and down in our house, extensive play equipment for save spinning and jumping and swimming, we work hard to walk alongside Bella as best we know how. We are considering a specially trained dog when our current dog passes.

I am open minded yet do not feel the need to fill my child with toxins, or cleaning materials, to shock her with electrodes or have her wrapped in frozen blankets. I have never cared much for fitting in and I hope she doesn’t either. I was taught that different is interesting.

IMG_8070Bella is bright, smiley, singing, insightful, clever, funny and delightful. She’s like a rainbow in human form and never had one person ever made me so happy. Bella is Bella, autism, her leg dropping off, whatever, nothing should change who she is and why on Earth would anyone want to? “.

Kim Stewart mother to an autistic son.

“ My son was diagnosed with autism spectrum condition when he was 4 years old. I knew my son was  “different” even when I was pregnant. He would get scared very easily if there were loud noises and he would jump inside my tummy. My son was born and I knew I needed to find a way of understanding, I needed to know how he saw his world.

What did every thing mean to him? I fought from the very beginning for people to listen to to me. I wasn’t in my head I knew he didn’t see the world from the same angle as me. So, when I dot a diagnosis I was relieved.

Finally people will listen to me and my son. We now get the support we need. I get training so I can see my sons world and understand how hard life can be for him.

IMG_7479I love my some from the bottom of my heart and I would never change who he is. He is my prince and I’m so so proud of him.

To all the parents out there that want to “cure” their child, shame on you! They should be putting all their efforts into learning how their child’s world works and what support they need rather than using these ridiculous methods that are, let’s be honest, abuse!! Why would you want to change your miracle?? Love and support is what we all need, nothing more “.

Claire Sharp, mother to an autistic son.

“ The most important things in the world your child needs is love and support. If you support and love your child with all of your heart and follow your gut instinct they will never feel like you let them down.

As a family you just need to find acceptance for ASD and you will find autism can be wonderful.

I love my child. He is autistic and I would never change that in a million years. As soon as you find a bit of acceptance and understanding for what autism is, you might actually find that things make a lot more sense the autistic way.

I’ve read quite a few articles. I personally think these people must be sick in the head.

Even if what they were doing was actually really. Even for a second, imagine. Why the fuck would the be washing out, documenting, photographing and keeping these “parasites”?

Anyone can see though that it’s bowel lining. And then they say yeah my child complies after it. No fucking wonder, you are sucking the soul out of them “.

Fiona  Oleary, Autistic mother to two autistic sons.

“ As an Autistic Mother to Five children, two of whom are on the Autistic Spectrum, I feel absolutely horrified at parents who are using Chlorine Dioxide on their Autistic children. I cannot imagine the suffering these children are going through each day.

Most of these parents are well aware of how dangerous Chlorine Dioxide is yet continue to abuse their Autistic children with this toxic BLEACH!

IMG_8068The CD Protocol is child abuse and these parents are CRIMINALS!

When will the Authorities step in and investigate all those that are using, promoting and selling Chlorine Dioxide?

Autistic people are human beings but are being treated worse than Lab RATS!

Love and cherish your children and accept them for who they are.

One day these parents will pay and the scars they have embedded in their Autistic children will always remain.


The autistic community will not stand by and allow the to continue.

If you are a parent who is using or has used CD on you’re child and wishing to speak out in response to this please do comment.

If you are a parent who has used and has stopped and needs support please contact me.

The next step is a dead child, pause for a moment.

Look at you’re child, know that if you cannot tell a medical professional what you are doing then it is wrong.

Know that you’re child is not a fault to be solved, and know that they hear and see all you are doing to them.

Stop before you have an autistic dead baby and have to phone an ambulance, you will be arrested and charged with child abuse.

Child abusers aren’t treating very nicely in prison.

We are working to get you to that prison before you kill you’re child.

Think about it.

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