Was Marilyn Monroe Autistic?

Was Marilyn Monroe Autistic?

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Was Marilyn Monroe Autistic?

Marilyn was born Norma Jean Mortenson and lived mostly in orphanages due to her mothers mental health problems.

She married aged 17 to a young man named Jim Dougherty, she enjoyed young married life and loved cooking peas and carrots together because of the colours! The marriage didn’t last as Jim  didn’t approve of his wife’s blossoming modelling career.

IMG_8182She came to the attention of a photographer during the war who came to photograph the women making  parachutes. She shone in that dismal setting and went on to model including her famous nudes which are still as striking now as they were then.

She began acting, her first role was in a film called “ Scudda Hoo Scudda Hay”  where her one word appearance of “hey!” was unfortunately cut.

She went on to appear in more including  We’re not married, Fireball,  Ladies of the chorus  and a stunning serious role in a film called “ Don’t bother to knock”.

Then the film which brought her firmly to the public eye, Asphalt Jungle .

After that followed such gems as  Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Bus Stop, Seven Year Itch and Niagara and Bus Stop.

During this time she had married twice more. Once to Baseball legend Joe Dimaggio who proved to be very possessive and later to Arthur Miller.

Marilyn was unable to have children due to recurrent miscarriages, she suffered from endometriosis.

The wonderful role of  The Prince And The Showgirl is one of my firm favourites as is Some Like It Hot.

The film Lets Make Love  where she was rumoured to have had an affair with co star Yves Montand put an irreparable hole in the Miller marriage and they divorced soon after completion.

Marilyn longed to take on a more serious role type and announced she had read and was interested in making The Brothers Koramazov, she was ridiculed by the press with one reporter asking if she could even spell it at the press conference.

Marilyn was plagued with insecurities, repetitive habits having to have bath after bath, was notoriously late on set and caused disruption with her constant fluffing of lines.

She appeared in her last film The Misfits, a serious role of a divorcee in Reno named Rosalie who meets Clark Gable and Eli Wallach and goes on what she believes to be a a break into the desert. She’s horrified to discover they are catching wild horses for dog food and screams “Killers! Murderers! Liars, all of you liars! Your only happy when you can see something die! Why don’t you kill yourselves and be happy?!”.

The audiences in cinemas were mostly shocked and nervous laughter followed that scene, the film did not do well.

An affair with the Robert and John Kennedy was to be the end of Marilyn. John refused to leave Jackie his wife and Marilyn threatened to expose all secrets to do with politics and other subjects she had heard about.

She had a press conference arranged to speak out and was in the middle of filming Something’s got to give .

Marilyn was discovered early hours of  August the 5th. She was discovered by Eunice Murray her housekeeper and was said to have died from an overdose of  sleeping pills.

She suffered from depression, but strangely enough there were no glasses of water in the room to have taken the large amount of barbiturates found in her system.

IMG_8181Jimmy Hoffa was said to have tapped her phones and the book Goddess The Secret Lives Of Marilyn Monroe by Anthony Summers explores this theory in great detail.  I read that book aged 8 and have had an intense interest in Marilyn ever since.

Marilyn is believed to have been Aspergers, she had poor hygiene often not changing clothes and was poor socially only completely at ease when in full make up, dazzling all in sight.

The famous mask so many autistic females need to function in society.

It often took her hours to leave the house and she would have great trouble memorising lines, she is said to have had a habit of blurting and a socially  inappropriate sense of humour.

She was shy, funny and desperately needed to find self worth.

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