Aspierations Christmas Party 11/12/15

Aspierations Christmas Party 11/12/15

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Aspierations  Christmas Party 11/12/15

IMG_8696IMG_8702IMG_8699The day dawned wet and miserable but nothing could stop the indomitable Christmas spirit and good cheer of the Aspierations and Autieness Facebook group.

From far and wide they travelled to the Child Developmental Centre,  Wensley Close in SE London, who had kindly offered the use of their facilities for the gathering of autistic adults, parents and children.

At 1 o’clock the party started with plenty of food drink and Christmas songs intermittently interrupted with the excited squeals and laughter of the members children.IMG_8694

A ball pit room along with a beautifully equipped sensory room had the sensory
stimuli for the children and adults
perfectly catered for.

I’d like to thank the very kind businesses whose donations of doughnuts from Greggs Foundation, a gift card for food
IMG_8691 from Sainsbury’s, balloon animals and swords donated by Story Face, mascots and face painting donatIMG_8677ed by Bubbles and Bounce, fruit from the local greengrocers,  children’s bubble bath from Weston’s Pharmacy and paper plates from Avery Hill True Man  made the party a great success.

An array of food ranging from sandwiches to sausage rolls, chicken to marmite cheesecake and from pasties to roast parsnips made for a g
IMG_8679eat feast which was enjoyed by all.

The party was also attended by the local papers photographer who took some wonderful pictures of the childreIMG_8639n and a brilliant group picture.

Thank you to Cathy Withnell, Partner Shane and Heidi, Bill Appleton, Matthew
Poutney, Simon Barnes, Laura Cook, Lauren Gowers, Michelle Goody, Natalee Soraya-India Dawson, Therese Johnson and partner Mark, Paulina Majgier and partner, Alan Borgars and Hayley Porter  for attending to
day and to the parents thank you for bringing the children they were a delight.


IMG_8669With thanks to these two wonderful businesses for their support and assistance:




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