Proud Autistic!!

Proud Autistic!!!

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Eugenics seems like an obvious eventuality

When you have an Autism One mentality

People say nah it’s getting better


But they didn’t see the Autism Speaks campaign

With the missing letter

The letter was I

As if I do not exist


They don’t see what we’re seeing

Don’t hear what we’re hearing


Don’t live what we’re living

Don’t give what we’re giving


The strength it takes to live as we do

Treated as epidemics called lepers

Puzzle pieces blue


Sound the alarms


We will over run your life

Break up your home

Ruin your finances

Take your wife!


Called disordered

Ill, sick

Intervention, get them quick!


Compliance training

Treats prevailing

Blend in

Be like me


Don’t be Like

Your supposed to be


Self stimulating

That needs stopping


Time out

Quiet hands

Electric shocking


Bleaching, GcMAF, faecal implantation,

Stem cell, HBOT,


Human rights deprivation.


We are autistics

We are proud

We have always been here


Mozart, Einstein, Tesla


Let me be clear


You want us gone?

Then you’ll have a fight


If being autistic’s wrong I don’t want to be right


We are a spectrum

Autistic selection

Bright strong and proud



Bold loud!


No quitting

No leaving

We keep on

While we’re breathing


Your child’s there parents

Cease seeking

Stop grieving

The neurotypical dream you believe you should have had


Your child’s a walking rainbow

There’s nothing wrong with that.

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