Anxiety, Me and You

Anxiety, Me and You

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Anxiety, Me and You

In this article I will explain what anxiety is, how it feels and some ways to help cope with it.

Anxiety is waking up with a million and one reasons to stay in bed; it’s the fear of the unknown…and the fear of the known. It’s losing weight due to constant fidgeting. The realisation that your favourite artist is having a concert, dying to go but can’t because of the overwhelming dread of getting on a bus/ train, even walking down the road that you’ve lived on your whole life. It’s going to the shop and counting your money and recounting it so you can have as minimal contact with another person as possible.

Anxiety is the enemy…or is it?

I have had encounters where my anxiety has pushed me to be a better person. I know how it feels to be low and frightened and worried about everything and anything, but I also know how it feels to be so elated that you feel as if you’re flying. My anxiety has made me realise that the girl/ boy who never wants to go out isn’t a loner just someone who physically and/or mentally can’t.

Some ways that I have discovered that helps me cope:

  1. Reading- understandably not everyone is suited to this, you may have trouble reading/ concentrating or simply getting into a good book, however reading has helped me stay sane it keeps my mind busy while opening it up to another world where you can experience other people’s problems and emotions.
  2. Warm baths- the atmosphere is so important in lifting your mood. If you live in an environment that is busy or if you share a room or even if you’re alone; having a bath relaxes your muscles which can become really tense if you are constantly anxious.
  3. Exercising- okay, hear me out before you make any final decisions; when you exercise whether it’s going for a walk with your dog or workout videos in your front room! It really makes all the difference. The chemical endorphins (in your brain- makes you feel happier) are released when you work out, it also helps as you can block out your surroundings, keep fit and healthy.
  4. Transport- there is always more than one way to travel in England particularly there is a ‘taxi card’ you can apply for which gives you discount cab fares if deemed eligible, this helps maintain social experiences yet gives you enough space and time to be on your own without excessive anxiety.
  5. Talking- this may be as daunting for you as it was for me but it doesn’t have to be verbal, written communication is how I get by when I’m not in the right frame of mind to speak, yet I still get heard.


I hope this has helped in some way! Just try to remember


Breathe…giving in wont help you to get out.

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