Emma Mentioned In the Media Again!

Emma Mentioned in the media again!

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EXPOSED: Businessman peddles deadly BLEACH touted as a cure for kids’ autism EXCLUSIVE: ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ can cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and ulcers

11:01, 7 Feb 2016 (The Sun)


Tony Taylor, 41, flogs Miracle Mineral Solution on his New Earth website.

The “medicine”, taken as a drink or an enema, has been promoted as a potential autism cure by the US-based Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

But it contains chemicals sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid, which when combined form chlorine dioxide, a type of bleach.

The substance can cause nausea, ulcers in the gullet and vomiting.

Harmful … ‘medicine’ contains liquids that mix to form bleach
Harmful … ‘medicine’ contains liquids that mix to form bleach News Group Newspapers Ltd

The compound, sold by Taylor, of Torquay, Devon, has been linked to at least one death in Mexico. And last year Thames Valley Police received a complaint a mum was using it on her autistic son.

The Sun on Sunday launched a probe after speaking to autism campaigner Emma Dalmayne, who alleged Taylor was touting a cure.

Emma Dalmayne author of “its an autism thing ill help you understand it”, who has two children diagnosed as autistic, said: “It’s disgusting that he is selling this as a cure for autism. Autism is a neurological difference and it’s not going to go anywhere. This is bloody dangerous stuff — people have died taking this.”



A Sun on Sunday reporter phoned Taylor posing as the worried father of a six-year-old girl with autism. He explained he had been in touch with parents of autistic kids and sold them MMS.

He sells two bottles to mix together to form the solution for £9.95. Taylor, who did not claim to us it cured autism, said: “I make it myself. I personally haven’t got experience on autism but a lot of my clients use it for autistic children. It’s helped a lot of people and if you get the dosage right there are no side-effects. The worst that can happen is diarrhoea, feeling sick.”

Asked about the effect the bleach could have on autistic children, Taylor replied: “Part of me hates it and thinks ‘How is that going to help someone?’

“If there’s a virus or pathogen, chlorine dioxide gets rid of the viruses or pathogens. I have about three drops of it a day.”

After our call, The Sun on Sunday confronted Taylor at his £700,000 home in Torquay.

He said: “All I do is supply a product and some people find it works. The problem is I haven’t got the skull and crossbones on so legally I’ve done that wrong.”

But Taylor said he intended to stop selling the product.

He added: “Trading Standards are going to come round, take all the stock and close it off.

“I will probably just chuck my stock away and forget about it.”

He offered MMS to our reporter and then drank some himself.

The Food Standards Agency said: “Our advice is MMS is not safe and should not be sold as a supplement. It is commonly used as bleach and can be harmful.”
The dangers
Chlorine dioxide can cause the following reactions:

– Severe vomiting

– Gullet ulcers

– Lung irritation

– Nausea

– Diarrhoea
A form of child abuse

AUTISM is a complex chronic condition with no cure.

Parents can become desperate and turn to anyone offering hope, including charlatans who peddle bogus remedies.

But MMS isn’t just a useless waste of money. It’s toxic.

Bleach can seriously damage health. There are reports of nausea, diarrhoea and severe vomiting, and there may be many more children injured by similar treatments.

Autism isn’t caused by viruses or bacteria so there’s no point using an antiseptic.

I would strongly advise parents never to use a product like this. Harmful treatments are a form of child abuse.

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