The Rise and Fall of the Genesis II Bishop

The Rise and Fall of the Genesis ][ Bishop

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On the ninth of February 2016 the main seller in Europe of MMS aka Miracle Mineral Solution put up a Facebook status saying his nine day old baby had been removed by Social Services.

When his concerned friends and followers expressed amazement he had even had a baby and queried what had happened, why had this baby been taken? Was it due to MMS?  He  said “ Yes, that it was in the paperwork”.

For those of you that don’t know, MMS is Chlorine Dioxide water purification agent, it’s the same detergent used to sanitise swimming pools and is strong enough to strip wood pulp.

Leonardo Edwards has been selling and promoting MMS for years stating on his websites and Facebook pages that it can be used as a treatment for the neurological difference Autism, that it can heal Cancer, Ebola and right the way down to the common colds.

Leonardo is a a Bishop of the cult church Genesis Two, created by Jim Humble, a man who proclaims himself as a God who came from another planet on a mission to save man kind.

The church works as a pyramid scheme, the more MMS you sell which they promote as a ‘sacrament’ the higher ranked you are. Leonardo started as a Reverend, then after chasing off and slandering every other MMS seller he hears of he worked his way up to the role of Bishop.

A woman called Kerri Rivera jumped on board the MMS money train using her autistic son as a starting point.

Along with a man named Andreas Kalker who engineered the use of MMS in enema form she embarked on a crusade.

IMG_9921She became ‘The Angel’ and wrote a book, a book that has terrorised thousands of children promoting anal rape with chlorine dioxide bleach to remove the scientifically proven non existent rope worms that, she say, cause autism.

The book is freely available for sale and is called Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism

Form your own opinions as to whether these things coming out of children is bowel/intestinal lining and mucous OR dreaded fictional rope worms.

As ludicrous as this sounds she’s made a massive amount of money, parents are flocking to her group CD Autism to be advised on dosing their children, in some cases adults with the  potent mixture.

People seem to have the ignorant view that autistics have no sense or awareness.

Believe you me, if a child sees an enema hose coming out and knows the pain, fever, vomiting, internal bleeding, nosebleeds and diarrhoea that it brings they will soon stop flapping, spinning and everything else they do to desperately cope with their environment.

Leonardo has long since been an advisor in this group and been recognised as the main seller.

However since the removal of his child which close friends have told me is rumoured in their circles to be a ‘government kidnapping’ he has thankfully shut down his websites.

IMG_9908As far as we are aware the child has not been returned to himself and partner Lolanda whom when I phoned for a quote denied all knowledge of a baby plaintively snapping “ No comment.”

This comes barely a week after the exposure of a man called Tony Taylor who was also selling MMS and admitted he had sold to ‘loads of parents’  yet the National Autistic Society states they have seen no rise in use the of MMS in the UK .

Legislation is still desperately needed to make this dreadful practice illegal worldwide with arrest and prosecution as standard for anyone selling or using MMS on a child or vulnerable adult.  


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BBC news

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