Ron Sandison and The Autism TIme Bomb

Ron Sandison And The Autism Time Bomb.

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Ron Sandison And The Autism Time Bomb.

As an autistic advocate I come across anti-vaxxers who viciously fight against vaccinating in the mistaken belief it will case autism in their children, (the light left his eyes…..the Autisms had come….). I come across people who use chlorine dioxide bleach in enemas believing it will purge mythical rope worms causing autism in their children (we are parasite motels that are mobile, you see?). I amble past parents abusing their children with TMS magnetic brain manipulation (so warped are they, that magnetic waves passing through their children’s frontal lobe is preferable to autism).

Chelation (due to heavy metal poisoning don’t you know), HBOT oxygen tanks (our brains are starved you see) and faecal implantation ( one persons poop is another’s oomph!). I expect this sadly from parents and carers ignorant to autism and neurodiversity as a whole. They see autism as an inconvenience to be eradicated, so brainwashed are they from DAN ( Defeat Autism Now touting bio crap and GF/CF fun free diets and Autism Speaks ( who silence Autistic’s, brand us an epidemic, scream Sound The Alarm and call us lepers, gotta love them).

I expect ABA recommendations (compliance training, the child must comply and fit in with neurotypical peers or the world as they know it implodes!) from hard core warrior mums who wax lyrical on Temple Grandin, (get them while they are young, pin to desk, keep from sun). But I do not, ever expect it from another autistic. I do not expect to look up a fellow autistic and see anti vax views and mentions of ‘big vaccine companies badgering parents’, sensory issues described as autism ‘unrefined’ (I’m not refined apparently, I have frequent bouts of sensory overload and stimm till my hearts

content). I certainly did not foresee myself happening upon self hatred and fear so strong that his daughter may turn out to be like him, an autistic, that he considers not vaccinating her against Polio.

I didn’t expect to see the views I saw, autism referred to as an ‘Autism Time Bomb’, and strong ABA beliefs expressed, it’s frightening to see from a man who seems to have quite a following in the US of A. What follows is the interview complete with the questions I asked.

I have deliberately left in the permission from Mr Sandison given to me to use quotes and pictures, text complete with typos.

Please form your own opinion, is this a self hating autistic or an autistic ambassador?

Does he resound with autism acceptance or is your screen glowing blue as we speak?

Hi Ron,

Questions are as follows:

1. What inspired you to write your book?

IMG_0613I was inspired to write my book to give parents hope who have a child with autism. When I was diagnosed at age 8 the experts told my parents all the things I would not be able to accomplish in life. The experts used the word “Can’t.” My mom told the experts I will empower my child to be able to “Can.” My mom was one of the main inspiration behind my book.

2. What top tip would you give a newly diagnosed child’s parents?

My advice to parents is develop the gifts of the child and special interests to empower him or her for independence and employment. I call this autism refined. When you walk on the hot pavement to the beach and your barefoot steps on a sharp jagged piece of glass that is what autism unrefined is like jagged autistic quirks, unfiltered inappropriate comments, out of control stimming, and relentless head banging, screaming, meltdowns. Autism refined, on the other hand, is like walking on the warm sandy beach with the bright blue ocean waves and discovering a smooth piece of glass that has been refined by the power of the ocean. My dad has a piece of glass from the ocean a foot high and six inches in width and he has it on display as art.

My mom refined my gifts through pre-ABA art therapy and helped me to win a major art contest and also be a great track and cross-country runner. She also empowered me to use my amazing memory ability to be the first intern for an internationally known TV evangelist Dr. Jack Van Impe.

3. Your view on the Vaxxed debate, do you believe autism can be caused by vaccines and if so, what steps can be taken to avoid this?

I believe that vaccinations can be a contributing factors among others. My development began normal until eighteen-months at time, I began to rapidly regress losing my ability to communicate words, I had previously learned and ceasing to have eye contact. I like to call this, “the Autism Time Bomb.” It was after I was vaccinated. Another main contributing factor for me was the age of my parents my dad was 40 years old and my mom only 24. I believe in select vaccinations with our newborn daughter, Makayla Marie, we are only doing two select vaccinations. If almost every child is vaccinated for polio since our child is at risk with me on the ASD spectrum we won’t vaccinate her for it. I instructed parent learn as much as you can on vaccinations and decide for your child what is best for your child. Don’t allow big vaccination company to badger you into having your child vaccinated and also use your common sense.

4. ABA, a thorny subject to some! Would you believe play based ABA to be most helpful or the more traditional Lovaas style to work well ?

I recommend ABA therapy that is both play based and community. I have a whole chapter in my book on ABA therapy at home and in the community. Children with autism have difficulty generalizing concepts learned in one setting with another. By using ABA therapy with playtime and at home it helps the children to generalize concepts and apply the skills learned.

5. A little about the release date of your book and what can readers expect?

On April 5, Charisma House is releasing my book A Parent’s Guide to Autism: Practical Advice. Biblical Wisdom.


A Parent’s Guide to Autism provides parents with an in-depth understanding of autism and practical advice in raising children on the spectrum. Ron shares his own personal struggles with overcoming autism and gives insight to help parents develop their child’s gifts to gain independence. Some of the topics covered include: autism spectrum, diagnosis, neurological processing, sensory issues, social skills, parenting, as well as, mentoring, relationships, education, employment, advocating, bullying, self-esteem, and therapy. Ron interviewed over 40 experts/authors in the autism community and over 40 parents with children of autism. Sharing their wisdom and personal stories throughout the book. These include: Dr. Lynn Koegel, one of the foremost experts on the treatment of autism, founder of Autism Research Center at University of California; Dr. Joanne Ruthsatz, professor at Ohio State University, expert on prodigies and autism; Dr. Stephen Mark Shore, professor at Adelphi University, internationally known advocator of autism; Pastor Joni Parsley, wife of Rod Parsley, founder of World Harvest Church and Breakthrough Ministries, whose son Austin has Asperger; Anthony Ianni, former Michigan State University basketball player, first NCAA Division One athlete with autism; Jill Marzo, the mother of Clay Marzo, one of the top surfers in the world who has Asperger’s; Kimberley Butterworth Wineman, the mother of Miss Montana, Alexis Wineman, the first Miss American contestant with autism. And many more.

A Parent’s Guide to Autism contains seven original short stories by well-known authors and professionals in the autism community sharing their personal experiences and faith. Ron provides a fresh, encouraging insider’s voice to the community of autism and offers hope to parents with children diagnosed with autism.

6. Lastly to the debaters who are against a cure for autism what would you say?

I tell them, “Autism cannot be cured because it’s not a disease but a unique neurological way of processing information but it can be refined since it has some quirks.” Jerry Newport said it best, “I know of nobody who is purely autistic, or purely neurotypical. Even God has some autistic moments, which is why the planets spin.” Thank you, also permission to use your quotes?

Thank you, also permission to use your quotes?

You are welcome, thanks for sharing about my book with your followers,

Ron Sandison

I’m not judging nor casting aspersions. It speaks for itself as does Mr Sandisons timeline on the social media creation Facebook, posts on autism being caused by vaccines and ABA shares up and down. I will however say this saddened me, I myself am an author to a book named ‘Its An Autism Thing…I’ll Help You Understand It’.

I am autistic and mother to autistic children. I was excited to read initially about the new book from a fellow autistic, a God fearing man and father to a beautiful newborn daughter. I’m not so excited now unfortunately.

Overcoming Autism? Autism Time Bombs………

I hope only that Mr Sandison sees the light that is Gold and glows for acceptance.

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