Deaf Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent

Dear Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent,

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13162225_1727065667572543_1582340464_nMy name’s Emma Dalmayne, I’m an autistic rights advocate from the UK.

I became a fan of yours through hearing ‘Patiently Waiting’ your first taster release, I already adored the lyrical genius of Eminem so it wasn’t hard to take to you.

I admired the fact that you overcame adversity and fought back against being shot nine times to make a name for yourself.

I’m sure by now you have been called every name under the sun for your actions against airport worker Andrew Farrell, and I’m sure your company were rightfully horrified by the negative publicity that came from what you have done.

As Andrew was walking along minding his own business, doing his job and trying, I’m sure to avoid interacting in an already sensory stressful environment …. paying no attention to you… you decided to target him.

You filmed him as he made his way saying he looked ‘high’ and that the ‘new generation is crazy’… Why is that?

Is it because he didn’t become immediately star struck at seeing you?

I’ve tried very hard to understand why, why you thought it was a good idea to do what you did.

I don’t understand at all.

You see Andrew was simply doing what many of us do, he was minding his own business.

Unlike you.

How you must reacted to hearing he’s autistic I don’t know, you must have known you had made a massive mistake and thought money would make up for the damage and degradation you had caused.

“Find the biggest Autism charity and donate some money QUICK!!!” You were, I guess, advised.

So you picked Autism $peaks, an organization that focuses purely on eradicating autism through eugenics, spends barely anything on supporting families living with an autistic to support them AND raising enough money already that they spend on research to find a cure for something that is not an illness or a disease and depicts the autism community as MSSNG, not even worthy of our own ‘I’.

Did you know that the organization you chose supports the Judge Rottenberg Centre?

It’s a centre that uses electric shocks to control autistic people, they are shocked for things considered to be disobedience, such as not wanting to remove their coats or flapping their hands to control and regulate their environment in a self stimulating movement.

That won’t bother you though will it?

Your hands are clean now aren’t they? Your conscience clear?

Yes you apologized to Andrew Farrell, but I can tell you that every autistic I have spoken to feels shit on by your actions.

You didn’t even research the best place to give your money to.

You can now march off to the ‘Candy Shop’ and party like ‘It’s Your Birthday’ while we, the autistic community try desperately to educate the world we are not an epidemic or disease which is what Autism $peaks say we are.

Thanks for that,

From a pissed off autistic.



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