Autistics, Vaxxed and The Never Ending Story

Autistics, Vaxxed and The Never Ending Story.

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“People who have no hope are easy to control, and whoever has the control has the power!”.

G’Mork from The Never Ending Story.     https://youtu.be/5sEZmMeH96Q

You may wonder why an autism advocate is writing about T.N.E.S in the same article as Vaxxed….well there’s good reason as explained above.

Andrew Wakefield, Polley Tommey and Del Bigtree are spreading like wildfire right now.

Their whole ethos is built on fear, they spread the word that vaccines, specifically the MMR are causing autism in our children, they are also blaming SIDS and childhood cancer on vaccines.

Being a parent is built on worry, worry that our children are healthy, happy, getting enough nutrients, enough joy…worry that we won’t be here one day to care for them.

That worry is further compounded when you have a child born with a disability, especially one that makes our children as vulnerable as autism.

We panic they will wander, that they will get taken advantage of or that they will never find love, that they will need long term care….

The Vaxxed film was shrouded in controversy as soon as it was announced it would be shown at the TriBeCa film festival.

Add then Robert De Niro stating that “ This film needs to be seen” and confiding he believes his own son regressed from the MMR and you have a melting pot of publicity that won’t quit.

You have the foundations laid for a conspiracy theorists dream, ‘They wanted this film banned because it shows the truth!’, throw in a religious element …’ Gods green earth has been defiled, natural is the only way no man made chemicals no vaccines.’

And then you have the people with no hope…the parents of autistic children who have been left after a diagnosis raw.

They are scared, angry and desperate for someone, something to blame…a conspiracy by the government that took their dreams of a child that would be like them do what they had dreamed of was perfect, is perfect.

These parents do love their children, please make no mistake on that.

They believe they have no hope because they have been told they have none, that their children will only fit into society if they comply, if they are molded to a neurotypical ideal which for some is impossible.

A child that displays less autistic behaviors does not mean that that child is now recovered, it means they have learned to internalize .

They are told early intervention is the golden Grail, and are recommended 40 hours of ABA as standard for a child as young as two.

They are led to believe these children have damaged guts and need to be on strict diets.

Those with children with severe sensory seeking behaviors are left to imagine a life of pain and no real advice is given about how to help these people.

And let’s be clear there’s something many forget, these are people.

They may be younger then us adults but children deserve the right to think, to express feelings whether they be negative or not.

There are many different aids available to help those with stronger seeking needs, ie a helmet and crash pads for head bangers who crave the hard priopreceptive feedback from a head butt to a wall in a meltdown.

These are the individuals most depicted in the Vaxxed propaganda trailers and publicity, the children and adults who are developmentally delayed and have sensory processing disorder as well as an autism diagnosis.

The Vaxxed crew along with a woman named Sheila Lewis Ealey mother of an autistic teenager are compounding those fears, they are spreading the view that autism (as stated by Sheila Lewis Ealey ) is a holocaust

I’ll repeat that.

A Holocaust.

That we as Autistic’s are maimed, injured and HAVE NO HOPE.

There’s a lot of money to be made on fear, who’s paying for the Vaxxed bus to do a tour of the states in the US?

Who paid for the Vaxxed bus?


Sadly they will keep on and will seek to silence anyone who stands up to call them out hence the recent flurry of publicity surrounding autism advocate Fiona Oleary after she started a petition to stop Vaxxed being shown.

Anyone who brings hope will be perceived as a danger to these people and their business, and that’s what this is make no mistake this is a business.

And us?

We are the autistic adults, we were once children.

There are many of us, we communicate in many ways, some of us have savant skills and some of us do not, we are all individuals and have many different abilities.

It’s true that autism can be disabling, it has aspects that can be hard but to say I wouldn’t want to be autistic would mean I didn’t want to live.

It would deny the very foundation of me, it’s wholly me.

These parents have been hoodwinked into believing that autism arrived…it was not there before it invaded their child through a hypodermic needle.

The outward signs of autism often coincide with the age the MMR is administered.

The Vaxxed members are doing the rounds of fear, manipulation and above all guilt on the parents of the US with a worldwide reach and it had to be said they are doing a thorough job.

But I hope that just one parent will read this and embrace their child for who they are, not what they think they were robbed of.

We are never going away, we have so much to bring so much to give, so many tales to tell.

We are a story, one that never ends.

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