Dear Mom of a Special Needs Child, Mom Who's Aged Thirty Something, Mom Who's Maker of Cookies

Dear Mom of a Special Needs Child, Mom Who’s Aged Thirty Something, Mom Who’s Maker of Cookies

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I want you to know I SEE you.

I know that this morning you contemplated not having a shower as the washing up was piled in the sink despite your husband/older child’s promise to do it.

I know you skipped that shower and had a quick wash in the sink.

I know you did that so you could wash up and make your kids breakfast quickly so you wouldn’t hear “Mom I’m hungry!!”.

I know that you looked in despair at the washing up accumulated from the breakfast and thought ‘Oh’.

I know you thought there was no time for that as you had to scramble to get your kids packed lunch ready, and that you just got them ready in time.

I know you kissed your kids and paused for a second to marvel at how much you love them as you dropped them to school, that beautiful moment was ruined as one pointed out you had pancake batter smeared on your forehead.

I know that you got home determined to clean that batter off then started the washing up instead….

I SEE that pancake batter.

I know that you dashed around the store super mama, gathering supplies like an old time cave woman fighting your way through a prehistoric jungle, growling at the heifer who looks like a stegosaurus for the last tin of ham.

I know you hoovered and picked up toys.

I know you had a hurried bowel movement on the toilet clock watching to get the kids from school.

I SEE the pancake batter is still there mama.

I know you helped with homework and produced a dinner that made your kids giggle at the broccoli arranged to look like a dinosaur.

I know they still refused to eat it.

I know that you got them to bed and finally clambered into the shower at half eleven that pm.

I SEE that pancake batter still clinging to your hairline.

How did I see all this?

Because I have a highly complex camera system following you at all times and you should probably be a little worried right now………

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