Man Lures Parents to his Home with Promises of Healing

Man Lures Parents to his Home with Promises of Healing

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An individual named Hugh Gilbert whom I cannot find registered as a qualified professional of a scientifically proven method anywhere what so ever has been posting on Facebook (screenshot attached) asking parents to contact him for a ‘treatment’.

He wishes them to bring their children to his house so he can manipulate the soft tissues in the base of their neck to ‘heal’ vaccine damage.

He claims this takes pressure off the brain stem as the tissue surrounding it has experienced ‘trauma’.

He also states this will take place in his home not a registered recognized clinic.

In a private Facebook messages to a myself posing as an interested parent he stated ‘IF it works I will go to the Physio board and get it registered’.

Hugh also claims to have enabled a man-given three months to live whom was having speech difficulties find the ability to speak more clearly and steady his hands enough to do up his jacket after previously being unable to even hold a cup reliably.

This man believes we have a unicorn trapped within us and has written a book on how to ‘free’ it.

He refers to himself as a healer and minister whom practices the unscientifically proven practice ‘Kinetic Chain Release’.


This practice has not been proven to help autism nor is there a cure for it as its a neurological condition.Attached is an email he sent to me, a press release of sorts to show my mothers group of parents ‘desperate to help their children’.

I urge any reader who may come across this man to seek proper professional help for their children and not rely on Facebook or google to find therapists or doctors.

Email copied and pasted for accuracy:


Also attached are screenshots of the conversation we had and anyone wishing to see it in full please message me or email me.


















“I am a registered Physiotherapist here in the UK and have 47 years of clinical experience, both here and in Canada. I currently reside in Ayrshire Scotland. My work is mostly teaching these days and you can see that on the Facebook business page Kinetic Chain Release.

I am currently asking for volunteers to see if my recently evolved hypothesis has merit. I am asking to see children who experienced a loss of function soon after receiving a vaccination. Let me be clear that this is not a comment on the vaccinations themselves, it is simply an attempt to find some form of resolution to the symptoms appearing post vaccination.

I have come to the conclusion that connective tissue(aka fascia) may hold a key to this. [I am fully trained in Myofascial Release and have also received training in Cranio/Sacral work.]

To elaborate, one of the functions of connective tissue is to protect the body from trauma. when, for example we are in a scenario where we cannot fight or flee, the connective tissue web within us tightens up to minimize impact. For example, you are sitting in your car at the traffic lights, which are at red. You look in your rear view mirror and see a truck barrelling towards you, quite clearly not going to stop. You cannot fight , or run, therefore your fascia will race itself into what is called the “freeze response”and will contract with a force of up to 2000lb psi! Now, about 20 minutes later you start to tremble, this, in essence, is the connective tissue relaxing again and resetting itself. However, most folk are completely unaware that they have a connective tissue system and totally misunderstand what is happening.

Anyway, recently I had a patient come to see me, who is an ex police officer and national level swim coach. He was given a change in medication some time ago, and within days began to lose function. He is now in a wheelchair, with s severe and increasing loss of speech,function and increasing spasticity.

The Doctors had given him 3 months to live (although had never given him a diagnosis). He had tried physio etc, and apart from maintenance , had been told that there was nothing more that could be done.

I had a thought that, what if the new medication was such an insult to his body, that the connective tissue had tightened down in response to the threat? So I decide to approach my treatment from that perspective., and with him still in the wheelchair gently worked on the area high in the neck, around the brain-stem.

The first session took around 20 minutes and immediate marked improvement was noted! He could speak much clearer, he could reach out and shake my hand with minimum tremor, could take a drink from his water bottle, without hitting himself in the face with it, and he zipped up both of his outer jackets unassisted, which would have been absolutely unthinkable just a few minutes earlier! He has now attended 3 times and continues to improve.

This made me think that, what if the children’s reactions were a massive response to the invasiveness of the vaccines?

So, now I have set up 6 local kids, diagnosed as Autistic, to begin seeing me in the next week or two, here in the treatment room in our home. I have received consent from the children as well as the mothers. There is much debate as to what exactly autism is or isnt. so I tend to avoid the labels as such and take each case symptomatically. I have no idea what we will achieve, but, based on the results with the adults , I am fairly optimistic at this point. There is of course no charge for these sessions and I will keep you all informed as it unfolds.

My other work KCR has also had a positive effect on some kids here and in fact was covered in an article in the Sunday Post, Scotland’s National newspaper, a couple of years ago, I have attached that article for your perusal also,

I hope this all gives you some food for thought, and, while I am no way an expert, I will gladly offer my opinion if you feel it would be relevant,

Best Wishes,





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