Vaxxed Threaten to Sue Autistic Advocate for Petition

Vaxxed Threaten To Sue Autistic Advocate For Petition

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When Andrew Wakefield was disbarred and his paper claiming the MMR vaccine causes autism were disproven that should technically have been the last we heard from him.

It wasn’t.

Andrew has found a welcoming and desperate community, the parents of autistic children.

They want answers as to how their children became autistic and he’s more then happy to share his views with them, views that have been disproved here in the UK.

Wakefield is not, however, advising these parents that autism is genetic, he is claiming instead that they are vaccine injured.

He has found now insurmountable popularity with his new film Vaxxed.

This film states that autism is caused by vaccinations and advises parents NOT to vaccinate, please note here I am saying nothing untrue.

The damage done by Wakefield is perfectly depicted by the tragic death of a five year old autistic boy who died after having chelation to remove the ‘heavy metal poisoning’ his parents believed him to have got from the MMR vaccination.

The little boy died from a massive heart attack brought on by Hypocalcaemia , a condition which is triggered by depleted calcium levels in the body.

This little boy had no heavy metal poisoning, he lost his vital metals including his iron and zinc and fatally, his calcium.

Fiona Oleary Autism Advocate from ART Autistic Rights Together, has started a petition to limit the reach of Vaxxed and stop it being shown.

Fiona, who is autistic herself and mother to five children two of whom are also autistic has received a letter stating that the filmmakers whom produced Vaxxed intend to prosecute her if she does not desist in trying to limit the amount of places they can show the film.

Vaxxed who state autism is caused by vaccines are threatening to sue an autism advocate for speaking out against them.


I spoke to Fiona who wished for complete transparency and gave me permission to show the email said in response to my first question asking what drove her to write the petition?

“To protect babies and children,

to put an end to the ongoing injustice that we the Autistic community face every day!”.

My second question was why Fiona believed Vaxxed should not be shown?

“ It is endangering thousands of children’s lives.

Thousands of babies and children die each year from preventable diseases.

Vaccines do NOT cause Autism.

Vaccines save lives!”

I then asked how Fiona felt after receiving the email with a legal letter threatening legal action?

“ I am in shock!

I cannot believe that Wakefield and his Cohorts would sink to this level!”

Fiona Oleary has been campaigning against autistic mistreatment in particular the scientifically unproven MMS chlorine dioxide bleach ‘treatment’ and the unregulated blood product GcMAF for well over two years now.

It’s worrying to say the least that Vaxxed has gained the amount of following it has.

In the trailer we see founder of autism charity Autism Trust based here in the UK Polly Tommey stating her belief that vaccines cause autism, her manager of the charity based in Surrey is selling the Vaxxed merchandise and was happy to discuss and disclose in a call with Fiona who had phoned asking about the merchandise that that any monies made from the sales were sent straight over to Tommey and Wakefield.

Is it defamation to protest a film being shown or is it an advocates right to raise concerns?

One things for sure, Wakefield maybe disbarred but parents, sadly are listening.

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