An Interview with Emma

An Interview with Emma

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img_1977Emma was interviewed recently for the wonderful new site “Learn from Autistics”.

You can follow the link to the interview and enjoy Emma’s words.



Aspierations and Autiness Summer Party

Aspierations and Autieness Summer Party

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Aspirations and Autieness Summer Party

14274573_1781943928751383_1203055743_oOn the 26th of August I hosted Aspierations sixth meet up with the previous ones being in Greenwich, Manchester, Nandos in Greenwich, Colchester and then the Christmas party which was also  held in Wensley C14273348_1781943938751382_327042851_olose, Eltham.

Wensley is a Children’s Developmental Centre and has a well equipped sensory room and a beautiful out door play area along with friendly staff, it’s the same place my son was diagnosed as autistic and holds a special place in my heart.

14203055_1781957452083364_554589017_oThe day of the party dawned bright and sunshiny and after getting up early to prepare sandwiches, fruit salad, chicken and a vegetable salad myself and my little people set off in a cab to prepare the room.

With help from good friends the party went with a bang and was well attended with the children being thoroughly entertained by StoryFace who very kindly donated her time to make balloon creations and gave the children glitter tattoos which they IMG_4606adored.

I’d like to thank The Works for their brilliant gift of goods for the children.

As I had over thirty autism books to get rid of I took them along and got a donation IMG_4645pot from the nearby Demelza a wonderful children hospice that provide long term and end of life care for sick children.

Everyone who wanted a book popped what they could into the pot and I will update with how IMG_4643much was raised when I receive the certificate.

I’d like to thank Sara Challinger, Tracy Selby, Laura Chase, Hayley Porter and friend who was lovely but who’s name has escaped me, Ross Muncur, Carmel Rea  for coming and bringing so much tasty food, their gorgeous children and most IMG_4633importantly….themselves.

I’d like to thank Linda Mitchell a renowned music therapist whom many of the families already knew for popping in and making my little daughters day, thanks to StoryFace for making the day magical and most of all thank you to Wensley Close for allowing me to host the meet up.

Roll on October for the Nandos gathering! Xxx


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