Moving Forward While Glancing Back

Moving forward while glancing back…

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Parents often ask with concern why when their child has made a gain of some kind in development do they seem to reverse in others ?


As an Autistic I can tell you that if your child has for instance become toilet trained recently they may revert to a previous special interest or sensory seeking behavior for comfort and reassurance.


There’s nothing wrong with that in fact it makes perfect sense, any progress is still a change even if it is good, more recognized is the regression Autistic’s display if there has been a traumatic experience.


We thrive on repetition and routine, they provide comfort and safety in a world out of our control and an environment that is often hostile.


As of two years ago I have found myself campaigning against autistic mistreatment most of which involve looking at and reading material that is traumatic, I have found myself seeping backwards and seeking films and books that I loved as a child.


Watching them allows me to relive the same wonderment and experience the joy I felt then, reading the books I read as an eleven year old spins me back to the excitement of being in Mallory Towers or tagging along as an extra invisible member of Secret Seven.


Is that a negative? I don’t believe so, I used to collect bottle tops, all shapes, sizes and colors.


What prompted that? I had my first offer of publication on my first book, a positive indeed and a reason to celebrate surely yet a large leap in circumstance…and I’ve recently started again…regression?


Or simply looking to a visual and tactile reminiscence of a simpler time?


Unless your child’s gone back into a self injurious phase which may not be, might I add,  because they wish to hurt themselves, they may simply enjoy the sensation of the pain and find it deeply soothing then I suggest you allow it.


If for instance they enjoy biting their hands protect them with a glove to allow them the pressure but not the breaking of the skin.


To cope I regularly bite my mouth hard enough to draw blood, at least once a day. This is something I would not wish to stop as the pain grounds me and regulates me.


If your child is doing this and will not be redirected with a chewy or damp clean cloth then make sure as well as you can that they have clean teeth to lessen the worry of bacteria and ice readily available to take down swelling.

Similarly for head banging if they will not be redirected get the helmet and crash pads out and watch them carefully.


If the regression is smearing excreta get plenty of play dough and similar messy play and try your best to redirect it, if it’s only the texture they seek you will be in luck.


I enjoy my bottle tops and I adore my films such as Labyrinth and Princess Bride, I love to investigate along with the Famous Five, and I shall proudly continue to do so and if, as they may, retreat for a while I shall welcome them back like the old friends they are.


Take a different view, going for a walk and glancing over your shoulder is no bad thing it’s just checking how far you’ve gone.


Do They Really Represent Autistic People

Do They Really Represent Autistic People?

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The National Autistic Society ….Do They Really Represent Autistic’s?

‘We are the UK’s largest provider of specialist autism services. Our trained staff and volunteers bring passion and expertise to the lives of 100,000 people living with autism every year.’

‘Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.’ By the Beatles, Strawberry Fields.

Yet the NAS refuse to acknowledge the obvious and desperate need for legislation against fake autism cures here in the UK despite constant proof and coverage of autistic children being abused with MMS chlorine dioxide bleach and more recently, a child given 12 different treatments including banned diet pills from a company under the watchdog list Bio Care.

The NAS say they represent us and parents of autistic children and state only that the parents administering these abusive treatments need education and support.

I believe they need prosecution and jail time.

When I first found out my son was autistic I looked around for things that could help him, I was advised of the gluten free casein free diet, which I chose not to do as he ate only a rigid set of foods and I could not find scientific proof of it working to help anywhere.

I found a tonic that was recommended in the US, a supplement that was $99 dollars a bottle and had every vitamin imaginable in it aimed especially solely at Autistic’s.

I bought that several times and it did little.

I even gave my son natural flower remedies after being told it would calm his self injuries behaviour, they were sugar pills, they did nothing.

I did not wish to cure my son, I wished to aid his health.

Yes parents will try things they believe will help and these parents need educating, our children are individuals not Guinea pigs to be experimented on.

Yet the fact remains that the sets of parents we are campaigning against along with the suppliers to be arrested and put to trial are a completely different kettle of fish.

These parents have found it in their eyes unfair, they feel they have been wronged to have an autistic child.

They feel their child has in many cases I’ve seen been ‘vaccine injured’ and they are furious about it. They have bought into the Andrew Wakefield (disbarred in the UK doctor who brought out a debunked paper stating autism is caused by the MMR) that the Thimiserol in

vaccines has caused their children to become wounded, assaulted by autism and heavy metal poisoning.

Many try chelation which is only suitable for real cases of an overload of metal, if the chelators released into the blood via intravenous or cream/ oral administration find no foreign metal overload in the blood they will fasten on to any metals there hence the death of a five year old British autistic child in the US.

These parents want to eradicate autism, they want it purged and cured, gone from their children completely.

They believe that the government have betrayed them, that their child has been polluted and the government refuse to help them and wants them to stay autistic as therapies are so lucrative, this is why, they are told, that the dangerous treatments they are advised to use are so fiercely opposed by the MHRA, FDA and autism rights campaigners.

They also lump in charities like the NAS as they are government funded so part of the conspiracy to stop them on their quest for healing.

The ‘treatments’ these parents are giving their children range from chlorine dioxide bleach commonly shortened to CD and coined as MMS Miracle Mineral Solution, to be given in an enema, nebuliser, orally and to bathe in to a banned blood product called GcMAF which is unscientifically proven.

CD use causes:
Irregular loose/green bowel movements Nose bleeds

Kidney failure
Pink urine
Breathing difficulties Cramps

Bowel lining and intestinal tissue loss

GcMAF causes: Rashes
Nausea Cramps


These parents also use chemicals such as turpentine and are told that the more sickened the child is the more the autism is being purged from their body.

They are advised that the children have parasites that are causing their autism, many are on a gluten free casein free diet with no dairy allowed.
No citrus fruits either as that would hamper the effectiveness of the chlorine dioxide.

There are a multitude of these abusive unregulated treatments being used right here in the UK, parents are using them on their vulnerable in many cases malnourished children, it should be noted the child who was taken into a and e in the attached reported case was left to vomit and developed kidney failure along with chronic thirst and overloads of vitamin D in his blood that very nearly proved fatal, he lost 3kg’s in weight over the three week period and doctors were only properly aware of what he had been given once the mother cracked after three long days and admitted to giving him a long list of treatments.

That would be because she had been advised that the sickness and distress were ‘herxing’, that his body was purging.

Which brings me to the point of this…there are suppliers in the UK right now selling these products. They are not being arrested.

There are parents being told that autism is a curable condition and yes I agree these parents are vulnerable and they are desperate and they want support, yet….

Desperate to cure/heal/purge/cleanse/ their children from autism.

Vulnerable to the idea that they can eradicate autism from their child.

Support with doing this.

No other support is acceptable if it goes against what they believe as they will see this as a conspiracy, that the advisor is brain washed and wishes harm to their children.

There are more notably children.

Children that get up each day and are physically sick, fatigued and know that their parents the people they adore and love are giving them something that is making them ill, that no matter if they beg them to stop they will not.

There are children who are given enemas, several times a day, crouched in the foetal position while their parent or carer feeds a chemical cocktail through a greased tube attached to a nozzle into their colons.

They are them hurried to the toilet to cramp and heave while passing their own bowel lining and colon mucous so the parents can fish it out with a sieve and measure it, photograph it and in many cases put it on social media.

These children to are desperate not to hurt, they are desperate to be loved and respected. They are vulnerable to harm.

They need support so schools staff and anyone who knows or has contact with autistic children should be made aware and remain vigilant of any mention of worms, monsters in my tummy or bottom washes. Of being ill and needing to be fixed or cured and especially of it being a ‘special secret’.

These parents are abusing, neglecting and assaulting their children and if this happening to children that were not autistic this would not be an issue.

Clearly there is a culture to pity and cosset these parents and it needs to stop immediately. Right now in the UK we are aware these are available to parents and easily accessible:

Compliance mind training/bull baiting taken from the Scientology movement. Holding (restraint for extended periods of time).

HBOT (exposure to high levels of pure oxygen). Camels milk.

Others they travel for are:

Packing (child is wrapped in cold wet sheets for hours on end) Shock treatment.
Faecal implantation.
Stem cell treatments.

Invasive bowel procedures. TMS magnet treatment.

Parents are also drawn to naturopaths and homeopaths.

Yet prominent charities still say that there is not a need for legislation and believe that education will work….some such as the Autism Trust in Surrey owned by Polly Tommey fully support the vaccine injury myth and encourage parents to seek healing.

With the wheels of the propaganda Wakefield film Vaxxed tour bus turning and an Autism Speaks mentality in force there is little hope for these children.







GcMAF quack autism treatment – with video


The Media, The NAS and Parent Bloggers Shutdown Autistic Voice on Victoria Derbyshire Show

The Media, The NAS and Parent Bloggers shutdown Autistic voice on Victoria Derbyshire Show

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The media have exposed a horrific report regarding a 4 year old Autistic boy living in the UK.

Emma Dalmayne and I have read the full Case Report issued by the Doctors who treated this child.

This little boy was rushed to hospital with serious life threatening symptoms!

He was on a cocktail of different unregulated, unproven and dangerous products!

All prescribed by a QUACK!

He was on dangerous doses of Calcium Magnesium Citrate, dangerous doses of Vitamin D, Camels Milk, AFP Enzymes, Colidol Silver, Sodium Chloride, and even on a DIET PILL which is not approved by the FDA and is on a Watchdog list!

Yes a 4 year old on unregulated DIET PILLS which warn not to give to children!

All news reports protect the parents of this child.

They are actually removing any blame from these parents.

I do NOT accept this!

These parents IGNORED their little boys failing health for 3 whole weeks!

He was vomiting, displaying Kidney problems and had lost 3 KG in weight!

He could have DIED!

However he is not the priority in the news!

These parents NEGLECTED their child!

If you found your child vomiting and losing this much weight, you would rush to the doctor!

However the people who experiment on their Autistic children do not do that!

We know this because we have been watching these parents for many years now!

The Quacks encourage sickness in these children and say it is the Autism leaving their bodies!

Then the parents hatred of Autism makes them think this is okay.

They will do ANYTHING to remove it.

They will risk their child’s LIFE!

Most of these parents are Anti-Vaxx and Anti establishment and talk about ‘BIG PHARMA’

They do NOT listen to Awareness Campaigns and are beyond education.

These parents are mostly successful and not short of money, these Quack products cost a lot!

This boy was in hospital for 2 weeks and had various life saving treatments carried out.

His ill health was a direct result of these bogus ‘treatments’

Emma Dalmayne appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire show this morning along with a spokesperson for the NAS and a father of an Autistic child.

Emma was censored many times in the interview and was ordered NOT to speak about LEGISLATION, a word that the NAS do not seem to like!

Emma said it anyway!

The NAS spokesperson said we need to educate parents so they do not do this to their Autistic children!

Well like I said earlier, the majority of these parents using these products are more inclined to listen to Alternative Practioners (Quacks) then their Doctor hence education will NOT work in these cases!

The only EFFECTIVE way to STOP this ABUSE is to make it a criminal offence through specific Legislation which will focus on the promotion, sale and use of these ‘treatments’

Right now are biggest problem in this Campaign is the NAS who are hindering our call for Legislation.

Each time an Autistic child is abused, the parents are given comfort and the blame lifted off their shoulders!

Each time an Autistic child is murdered, the parents are again pitied and we hear statements such as desperate parents, they were at their wits end, the child is better off not living.

The Autistic person is always devalued!

This Case is the vile abuse of an Autistic child, a beautiful 4 year old boy.

We will be his voice!

We will have his story heard….

Emma on the Victoria Derbyshire show….



Emma reflects on Victoria Derbyshire Show.





Exposing Abuse and Quackery Again!

Exposing Abuse and Quackery Again!

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Often when campaigning against harmful and dangerous treatments a lot of stealth is required. Previously Emma and Fiona O’leary worked to expose the MMS and worked with media outlets in secret to expose Leonardo Edwards and others of his ilk.

Over the last several months they have again been working in stealth with the BBC to expose another terrible and dangerous treatment perpetrated against autistic people.

Please read the linked story at BBC‘s site and take the time to watch these youtube videos. And please do share this information across all your social media channels. This can’t be allowed to go on.




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