Sensory Overload, The Video, The comments and The Page

Sensory Overload, The Video, The comments and The Page

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Right now there’s a video doing the rounds on Facebook, it’s of a little boy about aged six who’s in a barbers shop in the US with his mother. As soon as he is in the barber chair he panics, bolts from the chair,crawls under the shavers lead and bolts for the door. He is dragged back repeatedly. His mother attempts to hold him but he strikes out now clearly in full panic mode and when released throws his shoes in frustration. He’s pulled to the floor. By now he’s panting still trying to get out of the shop. He’s laughed at by a group of adults who are filming. Three of the adults grab him and hold him down in the chair as they force said thrown shoe onto his foot. The comments on the video are some of the worst I’ve seen, women as well as men recommend and boast they would have done these thing: Whipping Beating Slapping Punching Kicking Killing Aborting Deleting Knocking unconscious Exorcism Beating until his flesh shows I believe these commenters need to be shown. I and countless others have complained and reported the post and the page who is hosting this hate fest. I have also messaged the page explaining my concerns and asking them to please remove it, they have not even had the decency to tell me no. If anyone knows the mother please ask her to contact me I would like to offer my support. This little boy autistic, sensory processing disorder or no needs at all needs help and not this, not this torrent of hate.

Youtube Link:  https://www.facebook.com/youtubitall/videos/1146607922127405/


Screenshots of the comments:




GcMaf Offered To Cure Terminal Cancer for £20,000

GcMAF Offered To Cure Terminal Cancer For £20,000

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Attached are three links, please be sure to look at the Amanda Mary Jewell exposè on the BBC show radio 5 live and to click on the YouTube links provided.

On the 3rd of Nov I received a call at approximately 6pm UK time from Amanda Mary Jewell, I asked her to please phone me back and went upstairs to wait for the call.

She phoned back about twenty minutes later and told me in a friendly manner that I should call her Mary, as all the women in her family are called Amanda.

I was forced to use the worst accent I could as she knows me well as an autism rights campaigner and would have recognised my voice.

She did however, give me permission to record the conversation as I needed ‘my father’ to listen to it later as ‘he’s the one who has the money’.

I had been speaking to Amanda for some time over a matter of weeks under a different name to mine on Face Book and had told her my mother was very ill with Cancer, to be specific breast cancer.

I also told her I have a six year old ‘severely autistic non verbal son’ whom I wished to treat with MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution, chlorine dioxide bleach).

The reason I did this was to expose this woman, I am autistic myself and have children who are on the autistic spectrum whom I accept fully for who they are and am proud of them.

To be very clear there is no cure for Autism as we are not sick, ill, injured or diseased.

MMS is advised by a woman named Kerri Rivera in a book named Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism. It advises using MMS/CD (same thing, MMS sounds better) in oral solutions and enemas on your autistic child to kill the ‘parasites’ that lurk in your child thus healing their autism.

What is coming out of these children is bowel lining, intestinal tissue and colon mucosa, it’s a torturous abusive practice that does nothing but harm.

I have now been campaigning for two years working with the police, social services, within the media and the most recently the BBC.

In this recording you will hear Amanda offer me GcMAF a banned blood product that when administered induces fever, rash, nausea and headaches to me for use on my ‘mother’. It can be used in a spray, by inhalation, a cream, yogurt and intravenously.

She offers a stay for us in her clinic in Mexico where she says they can perform surgery, administer GcMAF and Stem Cells ultimately healing the terminal stage three breast cancer which has now spread to ‘mothers’ lymph nodes for the bargain price of £20,000.

That’s not including flights…she will however treat ‘my’ autistic six year old son with MMS for no fee, so two birds, one stone, both extremely dangerous scientifically unproven and unregulated ‘treatments’ in one go.

Amanda also advises no pain relief, no Morphine, no Chemotherapy, no Radiotherapy, no prescribed medication by qualified registered doctors at all.

Please listen to the links provided one being from the BBC exposè in which she’s included,

I have someone very dear to me who has terminal cancer and in exposing this woman I hope to shield others from being duped by this charlatan.

For to long this woman has taken advantage of vulnerable innocent people stripping them of their life savings and their dignity in their last days of life and offering pain and discomfort leaving their families in debt financially with the memory of a relative desperately ill and in tremendous pain.

She is also offering to experiment on autistic children for free with GcMAF.

The MHRA need to have her brought back from Mexico to the UK to face British justice, until then I hope this will help.


Below are links to recordings as well as screenshots of conversations:

Amanda recording 1


Amanda recording 2


BBC Radio 5 live GcMAF exposè featuring Amanda Mary Jewell




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